In GlobalLogic, I’ve found a remarkable equilibrium between my personal life, professional development, and work responsibilities. The option to work remotely has been a game-changer, allowing me to craft a schedule that harmonizes family time, personal pursuits, and career aspirations. 

As a Senior Marketing Specialist at GlobalLogic, I merge data with creativity to design digital campaigns and video content. My passion for the environment shines through the ‘EcoHike’ project, with which I aim to inspire my colleagues to drive ecological change.

As a leader, I value the development and well-being of my team members. I strive to provide them with a supportive and collaborative environment, where they can express their ideas, share their feedback, and learn from each other. I also mentor and coach them to help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

GlobalLogic provides me with the opportunity to explore creative solutions in medical software and, most importantly, collaborate with people, which I truly enjoy. As a project manager, I appreciate working with professionals dedicated to eHealth system enhancement. Despite strict regulatory frameworks, we have the chance to creatively shape the future and propose innovative solutions.

My responsibilities include developing automated tests and conducting testing on applications and firmware. I provide support to new hires, junior team members, and fellow testers – mentoring brings me lots of joy. Additionally, I am passionate about Lego Mindstorms and Lego Technic, actively engaging in Lego SUMO competitions.

I have always been passionate about technology and now I work on building solar plant management software. My job involves multiple responsibilities such as writing code, communicating with clients through calls, emails, and messages, and creating sprints and tasks. I really enjoy working with GlobalLogic because it offers great opportunities for new projects and technologies as well as career development.

Cooperating with the GlobalLogic Team is not just a “dry” career. There is great encouragement from the side of the Team. The Team that will support you not only in project activities. It gives the opportunity to realize oneself as a professional without being squeezed into any framework. Firstly, this is a great corporate culture, which effectively gives freedom in implementing projects and seamless cooperation with the Client.

Children who played in the sandbox and built magical castles with towers and gates; who gazed at clouds and searched for rabbits, have grown up. Now they are at GlobalLogic, constructing complex systems with their own Security and Gates, looking at other Clouds, and searching for entirely different RabbitMQ. I am also among these experts. I take pride in creating quality products while not losing the magic I remember from the sandbox.

I work as a Software Architect and Team Lead on a project for the automotive industry. My role involves both technical expertise and team leading. Working at GlobalLogic has given me the chance to take advantage of the global market and its many opportunities.

Having relocated from Ukraine to Berlin, I cherish the team spirit here, the well-structured processes and development opportunities.

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