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The What, Why and How of Indoor Mapping

The way we visualize and experience indoor spaces is changing drastically, and it is today’s organizations and establishments that are leading the charge. It wouldn't be a false claim to say that technological innovation is completely revolutionizing our experience of place. When it comes to smart spaces and a new experience of place, the wheels of change are already well and truly in motion, and we are well on our way to creating a more connected world. This white paper discusses the concept of indoor navigation and the benefits of having detailed indoor maps for organizations. It highlights the process and the technologies used to create indoor maps and the various industries that can greatly benefit from indoor mapping.


Optimization Algorithms for Machine Learning Models

Although a well-trained machine learning model can be used to process complex data..


Why do Hackers IP Spoof & How to Prevent It

IP Spoofing is used to gain unauthorized access to a network by impersonating a source with authorized access.


Comprehensive Analysis of AWS, Azure and GCP Cloud Platforms

This paper is intended for an in-depth comparison of multiple cloud platforms.


Artificial Intelligence in Fintech

Around 100 million digital transactions happen monthly in India alone and generate terabytes of data almost daily.


IoT Security Concepts

Let us first start by defining security in an Internet


DevOps Implementation in Brownfield Projects

GlobalLogic sees it as a set of actions, less technical-transforming and more organizational-advancing


Microservices Test Automation: BDD With Cucumber JVM

Integration test cases are expected to be executed after deployment on QA environments on microservices.


REST API Security

Modern businesses need multiple channels and interfaces to develop end user needs via mobile apps, web applications

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