We’re rooted in Silicon Valley’s culture of innovation, surrounded by the thinkers and disruptors who dominate technology; and deliver the digital transformation that defines the future and legacy of companies.

New age ideas for a new world

At GlobalLogic, engineering on the bleeding edge of new age-tech and driving innovation is our forte. Driven by a culture of innovation, we conduct initiatives to yield great solutions and ideas that transform the world around us.


30Hacks is GlobalLogic’s innovation platform for the design & engineering ecosystem to showcase their transformative ideas, unleash the power of their dreams and derive tangible results for the business. Teams compete to ideate, design and deliver next-generation POCs & ideas with predictable business outcomes in niche technologies like ML, AI, AR, VR, Blockchain and more!


Our global technology practices contribute extensively towards creating a strong knowledge base internally through POCs, solution accelerators and white papers exploring new perspectives in Big Data, Cloud, Machine Learning, Security and other domains. These are key to the rapid digital transformation for our customers and are instrumental in deriving business value.

Innovation at GL

Innovation at GL is our internal knowledge-sharing platform, by and for our people, to foster a culture of non-stop innovation, learning, continuous improvement and collaboration across locations. It also presents an interesting dialogue on modern technologies, re-imagining the tech stack, great customer stories, ideathons and so much more!

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