Insurance Product Engineering & Services

How Insurity Transformed Its Offerings

The Scenario

Insurity, an information systems pioneer in the insurance industry headquartered in the U.S., had two pressing challenges. It needed to:

  1. Bolster its engineering team across Insurity’s product portfolio.
  2. Optimize costs and shorten delivery timelines.

In short, Insurity needed engineering and feature design support to complement its core product and services team in order to remain competitive and capitalize on emerging market opportunities.

Our Approach

GlobalLogic’s partnership with Insurity provided:

  1. Feature design and development for five primary product lines.
  2. Expert development and engineering support for the internal team dedicated to the client’s top three
  3. Data-driven feature prioritization and roadmaps.
  4. A lab with 300 engineers within 6 months.
  5. AI/ML to enhance the underwriting process with advanced techniques such as predictive risk modeling.
  6. Accelerated next-gen releases and customer migration to Cloud.

Technologies we used

VB.NET and VB6.0 | ASP.NET | .NET Core | Web Forms and Web APIs | Javascript, SQL Server 2017 | HTML 5 | CSS3 | NGA Builder 2012 | IE 11 and Chrome | TFS | Telerik Control | SSAS, SSIS, SSRS, MSBI

The Benefits

GlobalLogic quickly came up to speed to support our client in achieving the on-time delivery of planned features. Incorporating our technology and engineering expertise enabled the client to achieve its goals in terms of cost, quality, and schedule. Excellent collaboration of client and partner teams within three months of engagement resulted in seamless delivery. We also developed a digital repository with standardized training material across our integrated teams.

GlobalLogic Partners with Insurity

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