When time and talent are in short supply, our Engineering Labs give you everything you need to move forward and achieve your ambitions in a turn-key fashion.

Leave the Heavy Lifting to GlobalLogic

When necessary, we set up a self-contained software development lab for our clients. Our experts shorten the time needed to find the right talent and establish a highly productive and economical software development environment.

GlobalLogic Labs delivers brilliant digital product solutions, with impeccable design and superior end-user experiences. By creating a stable foundation for your development teams, you will obtain measurable outcomes at a lower overall cost.


The Best Of All Worlds

GlobalLogic Labs provide organizations with capabilities, experiences, connections, and innovation using full transparency, flexibility, and control of an in-house development team to deliver PLM solutions.


Dedicated Teams, Infrastructure, and Support Functions


Alignment to Customer Policies, Procedures, and Culture


Governance & Reporting


Full Transparency & Control of Lab Operations


KPI Calculations & Risk/Reward Analysis


Lab Maturity Computation


PLM or Product Lifecycle Management development is the creation of software that manages product development across the lifecycle, from ideation through prototyping through testing and on to iterations for continuous improvements. At GlobalLogic, our experts have established a productive and economical software development environment for digital product solutions with impeccable design and superior end-user experiences.

PLM or Product Lifecycle Management strategy creates a stable foundation for teams to execute development in alignment with business goals and objectives. Having a PLM strategy provides measurable outcomes at an optimal cost.

Meet Our Experts

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