Ukraine Update

GlobalLogic will provide regular updates here on the status of the Ukraine border conflict.

We are tracking the recent events very closely, staying up-to-date via multiple sources, including company leadership in Ukraine, US Ambassador’s Office in Ukraine, USUBC (US-Ukraine Business Council) and the US State Department.

The continuity and success of client projects, and the safety of our employees are always top priorities for GlobalLogic. We will take all necessary actions to assure the least impact to our employees and projects in Ukraine.

Latest Update as of April 2, 2022

In the past few weeks, we have seen fewer changes to our employees’ status on the ground, so this will be a short update on our current situation.  While the war rages on, we are encouraged to see our people settling in and resuming work routines.  While conditions can change, I am happy to report that our Business Continuity processes are working as planned.  At this time, the vast majority of our employees are in safer locations and getting to optimal productivity.

Here is the latest:

Employee Safety and Resuming Business Operations

Our latest employee census is as follows:

  • Thankfully, we have no injuries or loss of life reported among our employees
  • 5,500 employees and their families have relocated to the western side of Ukraine
  • 1,100 have crossed the borders into other countries
  • Approximately 1,000 people are still in the vicinity of the conflict zones and we continue to work actively to try and relocate those to safer zones as and when possible.
  • 130 have been called in for active duty.

Overall productivity has reached 90% and is holding steady.  This is an amazing feat considering the overall conditions that people are facing in the country.

Longer-term Employee relocation to alternative engineering locations

We continue to have very productive conversations with governments Poland, Slovakia, and Croatia where we have a presence, as well as the countries that we are targeting for future engineering centers such as Spain and Hungary.  They have all been extremely receptive in helping us with logistics, infrastructure, visas etc., which will enable us to quickly establish a platform for mid to long-term relocation of our Ukrainian employees and their families, when borders open and allow for this relocation.  This work will be done in close coordination with you.  Our account teams have been reaching out to all clients on this topic; if you haven’t yet had a conversation with your GL representatives, please contact us through your account executive, and we will schedule time with you right away.

Finally, we are touched by your generosity and extending your support for our employees, both fiscally and with encouraging messages.  My teams and I have received many emails from you, expressing support – we continue to share these with our teams to ensure they are aware of your concern and solidarity with them.

Once again, for those that wish to make donations for humanitarian aid, GlobalLogic in partnership with WeSpire, have set up the GlobalLogic Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine where you can post donations which will be routed to reputable agencies that are providing aid on the ground to Ukrainians impacted by the war.  All funds and routing are handled by WeSpire, and GlobalLogic covers all service charges, so 100% of your donation will go to your chosen charity.

I will continue to send updates as we make progress.  If you have any questions or concerns, we want to hear from you.

Your GlobalLogic Team

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