Las recomendaciones de GlobalLogic

abril 11, 2017


Article originally published in WebRetail .

The user experience (UX) is constantly evolving, at the same rate with which people’s behavior changes and digital solutions evolve. Therefore, it involves much more than creating a cute, attractive and easy-to-use mobile application or website. In short, a good UX design job involves considering various variables to retain the person to choose our proposal instead of choosing one of the competition.

For all this, it is advisable to be aware of the following recommendations to implement when successfully developing any digital product, from the point of view of user experience.

Age-sensitive design

We must consider the age profile of the users to whom we are addressing since it is proven that each group responds differently to visual images, as well as aesthetics. This trend is known as age-responsive design. However, you have to be careful because possibly the solution will be used by people of different ages. Consequently, it is recommended that transgenerational elements be incorporated into the home page, with which individuals are identified beyond their date of birth.

Invisible design

Far from overloading the digital product with design, the idea is that it be as minimalist as possible so that the user is not exposed to visual pollution as a result of excessive navigation options and long texts. Therefore, it is convenient to opt for clean designs, with air and well-defined colors in the icons.

Tactile feedback

For several years now, users have used touch screens, and positive reactions to their hum. For this reason, one of the trends in design is to incorporate the vibration of the screen before key actions, for example, when from the smartphones it is clicked when pressing the “buy” icon.


The incorporation of these solutions that allow the consumer to chat with software that responds instantly, through natural language, 365 days a year and 24 hours a day is exponential. When incorporating one into a digital product, it is advisable to carry out an exhaustive examination since the quality varies considerably between the suppliers. In addition, you have to think about this resource to be able to deliver, for example, answers to frequently asked questions.

Promotions and related products

Mobile commerce, that is, online shopping through mobile devices, is on the rise. In the case of developing a mobile application to sell by this means, it is a good idea to add the function of recommended products, since it is demonstrated that this function, as well as the promotions that appear on the screen when the user is in the process of purchase, can increase sales between 10 and 30%.

Animated buttons

If so far UX designers highlighted the most important icons through resources linked to colors and prominent size, the trend now is to add a subtle animation to further attract user attention. In this sense, we must be very careful so that the visual appearance of the digital tool does not lose its style or be contaminated.

If there is something that abounds in the online universe are digital products. For example, there are thousands and thousands of mobile applications in app stores. One fact: a report by App Consultant Annie revealed that iOS and Android users downloaded 13 billion more applications in 2016 compared to 2015, which is 15% more. In addition, many of these applications were only used once. In short, the digital products market is more competitive than ever. For this reason, considering trends in UX Design is critical so that our development is not lost in cyberspace and, on the contrary, is valued by users.