From Criminal Law to Software Development

In today’s world, career changes are becoming increasingly common as individuals seek new opportunities and challenges. Our protagonist today is Bogdan Mușuroia, a former criminal law clerk who left the legal profession to pursue a career as a Java Software Developer.

After spending time working in the intense and high-pressure environment of a courthouse, Bogdan sought a career change that would allow him to apply his analytical and problem-solving abilities in a new and exciting way. In this article, we will explore his journey from the courtroom to the tech industry and the lessons he learned along the way. From the challenges of learning a new skill set to the rewards of creating innovative solutions, his story is sure to inspire and motivate others who are considering a career change of their own.

Meet Bogdan Musuroia, a former criminal law clerk who used to work at a courthouse, working with criminal cases and applying the law. Now, he is writing code for an automotive project as a Java Software Developer at GlobalLogic in Romania. He shifted his career to software development after following the Automotive Bootcamp, one of Fortech’s entry-level programs. Now his career journey continues with GlobalLogic in Romania, as Fortech joined GlobalLogic. He achieved great results in his previous job but eventually felt stuck and decided to make a change in his life. Bogdan is a blend between an artist and an engineer. He enjoys singing and loves spending his free time learning various technologies.

Bogdan’s journey in software development started when he attended the Automotive Bootcamp in February 2022. He considered it a fantastic journey, as the Bootcamp provided a perfect environment for an intern to understand how real projects work and how to interact efficiently with a team.

Fortech’s Automotive Bootcamp prepared Bogdan for real software development projects by working on a simulated one. They formed a project team and had to work with internal tools to communicate and organize their work. The project was intended to simulate all aspects of business, development, and testing. Participants learned about Agile development and used one-week sprints to estimate their work, implement it, and present it to a business analyst. Estimating his work in story points, like in a real project, made Bogdan commit more to the actual work and better assess himself and the tasks ahead.

Furthermore, Bogdan obtained technical abilities in both back-end and front-end development. He worked full-time on a website, using technologies such as MySQL, Java, Spring Boot, JavaScript, and React. It was a great opportunity for him to learn how to work in a team and understand the roles and responsibilities of clients, team leaders, project managers, and business analysts.

The best advice Bogdan could offer to all young professionals enrolled in an internship or other entry-level program is to learn to communicate with their colleagues as effectively as possible. A strong team can provide you with support, guidance, inspiration, and even friendship, as a programmer’s job requires more than just coding. In this regard, an internship or a bootcamp program will enhance your confidence and knowledge of what it takes to be an actual programmer and help you better pick your next steps in this industry.

Hard work pays off, and now that Fortech joined GlobalLogic, the training opportunities for young professionals are continuously evolving.

Bogdan’s experience as an Automotive Bootcamp intern influenced his career goals and aspirations. He started to be more attracted to the front-end area than before, when he only had experience with back-end development. The program made him aspire to become a full-stack developer and maybe choose the business administration path. He realized he liked acting as a mediator between people in different situations.


Bogdan and his team at the Fortech Woodstock party.


At the end of the Automotive Bootcamp, Bogdan received an offer for full-time collaboration. After officially joining the GlobalLogic team in Romania, Bogdan found here the same culture he had experienced during the Fortech’s Bootcamp. He is now working on an interesting project with great professionals who are helping him grow by guiding him in his desire to become a successful full-stack developer.

Here are a few words of encouragement from Bogdan to all young professionals looking to kickstart their career in IT: “There will be good and bad days, days without progress and others with fantastic development, but learn to enjoy the whole process. Consistency is vital for a software developer. Remember to share your knowledge with others. Usually, a slight hint is all that it takes.”

Thank you, Bogdan, for sharing your story with us. We are thrilled to have such enthusiastic professionals at GlobalLogic.

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