SAP Digital Manufacturing Customized Solutions


  • Custom modules development for SAP Manufacturing Execution.
  • We have developed an IoT portal that integrates SAP Asset Intelligence Network (AIN) and different platforms using AWS Services, Vue.js, and Node.js.
Technologies: SAP UI5, SAP Mll, JavaJSF, Vue.js, Node.js, AWS, UiPath, Power Automate
Services: Software Development, RPA


We help our client, a multinational company that provides IT services, to digitize manufacturing processes in factories across the entire industrial spectrum. The team delivers different types of customized modules for planning, monitoring, and digitally controlling the production lines in factories and logistic facilities.

For example, for a beverage company, our manufacturing software team delivered a tailored module used for digital control of the making of flavored drinks. Through the intuitive interface, workers can send commands to the machines on the production line (start the mixing tank, initiate a quality control analysis, add flavors & water, stop specific machines, transfer goods to other production lines, etc.).

The improved operational visibility and better traceability of products enable our third-party clients to enhance the efficiency of their manufacturing operations, boost OEE and reduce waste. In addition, the RPA services offered by the team helps manufactures automate specific processes:

  • With the UiPath solution, we help monitor SAP log transactions, monitor and classify support tickets, calculate available budget, and assign billing invoices according to descriptions entered in a .csv file.
  • With the Power Automate solution, we have created an application where employees can register their ideas about what processes would benefit from being automated.


The collaboration started with a team of Java and UI developers. Our client was looking for an offshore partner who could help with custom UI implementations for the end-customer (factories with automated production lines, transport companies, logistics facilities, etc.).

Due to our team’s proven technical expertise and reliability, the collaboration was extended. Since 2020 we have offered robotic process automation services and AWS-based complete solutions for a web portal that integrates SAP Asset Intelligence Network (AIN) and different IoT platforms.

The team is now 4x larger than at the start of the collaboration and is divided into small groups: MES, AWS, and RPA.

Client Benefits

Skilled Team

A clear understanding of the end-customer’s needs and the right know-how to offer technical solutions for projects.

Fast Ramp-up

Fast team ramp-up on multiple directions. IoT and RPA services were added to the initial project.

Intuitive UI

An intuitive user interface to simplify the monitoring and controlling of machines on production lines.

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