Content Engineering

Modern products thrive on customized content and data. Our teams accelerate content enrichment, data analytics and Machine Learning-led model training.

GlobalLogic provides customers with end-to-end content engineering services to support their content journey, turning raw data into actionable insights. We help businesses manage their content ecosystems through automated solutions and real-time moderation teams.

With over a decade of experience and a globally distributed team of content experts, we partner with some of the largest businesses in the world — from med-tech and hi-tech pioneers, to automotive and fleet management companies — to develop insightful content and data solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.


Engineering is the application of math and science to solve problems. Innovative modern products are engineered through inventing, designing, and building things to achieve practical goals.

A content engineer helps to bridge the gap between content producers and managers by organizing data and customized content. They apply content engineering through personalized solutions that can be retargeted and used in multichannel distribution.

Content engineering services include defining problems that need solutions, conducting and analyzing research, and then developing new technological solutions based on the findings.

Meet Our Experts

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