DevOps Playground – Hands-on Contract Testing with Pact

August 25, 2022

Our Panda is travelling again and coming to Manchester for the very first time! This is an in-person event but can also be joined virtually.

Thomas Shipley 
Grace Tree 

This month we will be diving into the world of contract testing with Pact!
We will learn about relationships between APIs and how this can
be verified with testing. We will cover the following:

1. Introduction to Relationships
2. A Look into Contract Testing
3. Consumer Driven Contract Tests
4. An overview of Pact
5. Implement, verify, and break contracts with Pact. Taking one step
further by using Pact Broker for complete version control and monitoring

Agenda (this is for those attending in person):
18:00 – Doors open, time to settle in and grab a drink!
18:30 – Start of the session
20:00 – Time for the pizza and networking
21:00 – The end

For those coming to our meet-up for the first time. We believe in learning by doing, so please bring a laptop with you! The session will start with a short presentation introducing the topic and lead into a ~1hr long hands-on lab. We will provide an environment for you, so anything with the web browser from this century should be sufficient!

In-person link

Virtual link

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