GlobalLogic awarded Best Healthcare Application of AI at Ireland’s annual AI Awards 2023

GlobalLogic has been awarded at Ireland’s Annual AI Awards 2023 for HDx Neuro AI Platform, which aims to transform the diagnosis and management of Parkinson’s disease and other neurological conditions with intuitive AI and ML technology.

A fundamental problem with Parkinson’s disease is difficulty in early diagnosis, as well as the lack of specific biomarkers to manage and monitor the condition where a patient’s symptoms can change and fluctuate daily. Thus, clinical decisions are largely based on more subjective clinical observations which cannot be done continuously.

To tackle this challenge, Head Diagnostics has partnered with GlobalLogic to develop the HDx Neuro AI Platform. The platform will leverage AI and ML capabilities to continually collect patient data on health status, medication adherence, symptom severity, physiological measures and more. The HDx Neuro platform will also offer a neuro cloud as well as phone apps, which will be accessible by both clinicians and patients.

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