Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

A sound ESG strategy isn’t a ‘nice to have’: it’s essential to sound business. For 20 years, ESG has been woven into our company’s fabric. Giving back to our community—at both the company and employee levels—is deeply ingrained in our culture.

Environmental, Social & Governance

Social Capital

We positively impact our communities by supporting education, the environment, developing women in tech, and the arts.

Giving Back to Our Communities

We embrace our role in supporting the local communities in which we operate—at both the company and individual employee levels.

Every year, we partner with numerous charities & volunteer programs in all of our locations.

We strive to make a lasting positive impact across the globe and mitigate our world's most pressing social and environmental challenges.

Our Sustainability Story

GlobalLogic is part of the Hitachi family, answering the world’s critical social and environmental needs through our Social Innovation Business.

Human Capital

As a truly global company, we foster a multi-faceted culture. We're committed to a gender, racial, and interest-diverse workforce.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and Employee Engagement

We're committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion across our company. Our CEO Nitesh Banga and Chairman Shashank Samant joined 2,400 leading US CEOs by signing the CEO Action of Diversity & Inclusion Pledge advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Gender Pay Gap Report

The report provides a breakdown of this data, including background information on initiatives and steps already being taken within the organisation to address the considerations raised. We see publishing our gender pay gap as a positive step that allows us to track our progress and ensure we fulfil our promises and aspirations.

Awards and Recognition

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10 greatplacetowork
2 reputationalactivists
3 ey ukraine
4 dou ukraine
5 toparbeitgeber
6 zlatniindeks2019
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Managing Our Environmental Footprint

We're committed to lessening our environmental impact through grassroots efforts in every region.

We are increasing our tracking, monitoring, and reporting of our energy footprint.

Beginning in FY2022, we're tracking our most material energy and water-related metrics across every geography.


From the board level to every employee, we're committed to being good global citizens. We institute policies and oversight to ensure sound business practices.

We're a proud member of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD).

Here are our policies:

Terms of Service - The legal contract between each visitor and GlobalLogic.

Notice of Filing  - Public Job Posting as per Immigration compliance requirements for hiring H-1B workers.

Modern Slavery Statement - An annual statement setting out the steps GL UK companies take to prevent modern slavery in their business and their supply chains.

Consumer Fraud - Consumer resource to avoid fraud.

Corporate Information - Legally required data of the companies from the GlobalLogic's group.

Vendor Code of Conduct - Publication of vendor conduct requirements.

Form 8937 - Report of Organizational Actions Affecting Form Basis of Securities.

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