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Join GlobalLogic, AWS, Snowflake, Immuta and AI Ireland on a five part podcast series looking at how organisations can reduce time to value from data and realise readiness for generative AI. We explore how to reaffirm your data strategy, balance opportunity with risk, and achieve data readiness to be better placed to identify new products, understand your customers better and achieve market advantage.

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Big data presents huge opportunities, and conversations such as the ones below start to bring together various thoughts from industry experts on how businesses can get GenAI ready.

But they are just the start, and we welcome you to be a part of this journey with us. To sit side by side with data experts and be a part of the ongoing conversation around data, GenAI and everything in between.

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Featuring AWS and

Mark Dunleavey, Declan Fay and Mark Kelly explore how GenAI is challenging organisations to effectively collect and draw intelligence from their data and use AI to meet every customer's unique taste.

Episode One:
Featuring AWS and

Keith Hinde and Patrick Callaghan joins Mark Kelly to talk through aligning data strategy metrics to business priorities, data utilisation, and how to reduce shadow IT, time to value and the onboarding of new use cases.

Episode Two:
Featuring Immuta and

Tim Marston, Keith Hinde and Mark Kelly talk about tackling the spaghetti monster of entitlements, reducing risk on your data readiness journey and spotting blind spots in your data management.

Episode Three:
Featuring Snowflake and

Fawad Qureshi and Keith Hinde speak with Mark Kelly about tech debt in data platforms being one of the biggest blockers for time to value, coping with scale, and focusing on the ends, not the means, before reaching to LLMs to solve problems associated with siloed data.

Episode Four:
Featuring AWS and

Dr Maria Aretoulaki and Patrick Callaghan join Mark Kelly to talk about explainable AI, the need to have control over your data and output of the models, and how to best use tools to build, train and deploy models, get feedback and retrain consistently (auto-ML)

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Moving from GenAI curious to GenAI ready with GlobalLogic

Working with generative AI requires creativity, an innovative mindset, and deep technical skills.

As a Hitachi company, we put the power of three brands to work for you: digital engineering services with GlobalLogic, experience and strategic design with Method, and digital infrastructure and data management with Hitachi – to deliver world class products using emerging technologies.

There are many different ways to put AI to work for you, including using generative models as embedded ISV APIs and embedding model APIs into existing apps and workflows. What could a custom voice assistant, personalised recommendation engine, or DevOps automation do for your business?

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