Contact Center Experience Services

Create data-driven customer service experiences that are more proactive, predictive, personal, and profitable

What We Offer

Today’s digital customers expect faster, more personalized experiences when reaching out to a business’ contact center. As an AWS Service Delivery Partner for Amazon Connect, GlobalLogic can help you deliver proactive, predictive customer experiences that utilize the right channels and adapt quickly to your customers’ needs — whether that means renewing a policy or processing a claim more efficiently, or using data more effectively to sell personalized products and services.

CX Value Chain Assessment


Leverage our customer journey-based assessment service to deliver the desired experience to your target customers.

Contact Center Services


Cut through the complexity of existing systems & deliver a holistic approach to creating better customer experiences.

Amazon Connect Implementation


Deliver a seamless customer experience through a unified contact center solution for voice, chat, and task management.

Where We Can Help You

Improving your customer experience is about more than just a shift in technology. We help you create the digital environment you need for a fast, sustainable and secure transformation. We do this by building in three layers of capability. (1) Amazon Connect forms the foundation. (2) We then provide the tools and processes needed to integrate AI, ML and Automation services into your contact flows. (3) Our last step is to enable you to extract and analyze rich data for real business value & insights.

CX Value Chain Assessment

  • Assess your brand, market, customers, business objectives & key programs
  • Assess the key elements of the customer’s omnichannel journey experience
  • Assess your overall data & analytics, Agile, innovation & iterative service delivery capabilities
  • Build a transformation roadmap based on recommendations & customer journey maps

Contact Center Services

  • Solution / technical consulting and delivery
  • AWS Well-Architected Review to benchmark your existing cloud-based solution
  • Contact center platform development
  • Contact center managed services
  • Contact center as a service

Amazon Connect Implementation

  • High-quality audio capabilities, natural interactive voice response (IVR) & interactive chatbots
  • AI / ML enablement to automate interactions, authenticate callers, and find answers quickly
  • Unified customer data & task management tools to help agents provide more personalized, efficient experiences

Why GlobalLogic

With 20+ years of digital engineering experience, GlobalLogic delivers end-to-end product design, development, testing, and continuous delivery through Agile and CI/CD methodologies. We help you create a roadmap, strategy, and architecture — as well as provide the resources and skillset needed to drive business-wide change. Together, we create the platform and processes you need to deliver a truly customer centric experience with minimum risk and maximum added value.


A contact center service helps customers with organizing and managing customer interactions across various channels. It’s primary purpose is to offer customers efficient and effective technical support, customer service and sales assistance.

The best contact center solutions usually include a personalized service where customers are listened to and their problems are dealt with in an efficient and timely manner. Therefore, effective communication, clear recommendations, and fast response times are highly important.

The contact center services speak directly with customers. It impacts the customer journey and experience with the company. Therefore, delivering a seamless customer experience is vital for companies who want maintain and grow their current customer base with excellent customer care.

The main features of contact center solutions include effective communication with customers via phone calls, emails, live chat messages, SMS texts, and support tickets for companies.

Meet Our Experts

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