Cloud Adoption Services

Navigate your cloud journey, from migration to modernization

What We Offer

Whether you want to migrate to a cloud platform, build a cloud-native solution, or transition to a new cloud environment, we can help you seamlessly navigate your cloud journey. With a dedicated Cloud Center of Excellence; in-house digital accelerators; and advanced consulting partnerships with AWS, Microsoft, and Google Cloud, we enable our customers to rapidly adopt, scale, and optimize their cloud solutions.

Cloud Migration

Assess your business’ cloud readiness & seamlessly migrate to the cloud with our Cloudwave® digital accelerator. Learn more

Cloud Native Development

Start your solution right by building it on a public, private, or hybrid cloud — or scale with a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

Cloud Optimization

Modernize your monolithic apps with microservices digital accelerators & services

Cloud Architecture

Assess your environment to accelerate & optimize cloud performance with our AWS Well Architected Review service

Cloud Operations

Monitor your cloud & infrastructure to manage costs, ensure compliance, and optimize based on usage.

Cloud Security

Ensure the security, compliance & integrity of your cloud architecture, apps, data & operations.

Where We Can Help You

When you design, think, and build applications solely for the cloud, you begin to create an environment that works for you. We can help you adopt a cloud-first mindset, enabling you to build applications that work within a modern infrastructure, have security baked in, and improve customer engagement.

Cloud Migration

  • Leverage our Cloudwave® tool to assess your organization's and portfolio’s cloud readiness
  • Move forward with a detailed cloud transformation roadmap, reference architectures, and best practices
  • Seamlessly migrate your systems & apps to the cloud
  • Learn more about our Cloud Migration expertise.

Cloud Native Development

  • Take a cloud-first approach to design & develop solutions for IoT, data platforms, AI / ML & high availability / disaster recovery
  • Get to market faster by implementing DevOps (CI/CD, automation, SRE)
  • Build for scale with container-based architecture, network function virtualization (NFV) & Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC)
  • Introduce application usage analytics to monitor customer engagement & scope out new applications

Cloud Optimization

  • Modernize your monolithic apps with our Microservices Accelerator
  • Assess your environment to accelerate & optimize cloud performance with our AWS Well Architected Review service
  • Implement Kubernetes to deploy & manage containers at scale
  • Re-host, re-purchase, re-platform, or re-factor your apps, data & infrastructure

Cloud Operations

  • Leverage our fully-managed CloudOps to monitor your cloud & infrastructure 24/7
  • Gain insight into your cloud spend by requesting a proof value service
  • Assess if your operating model is cloud-ready by requesting a cloud operational excellence review

Cloud Security

  • De-risk your cloud adoption by embedding security into your environment (e.g., infrastructure hardening) & processes (e.g., DevSecOps)
  • Utilize automation & analytics to immediately respond to security events

Why GlobalLogic

With 20+ years of digital engineering experience, GlobalLogic provides a single partnership for end-to-end product design, development, testing, and continuous delivery through Agile and CI/CD methodologies. By leveraging the expertise of our Cloud Center of Excellence, we can help you design and develop intelligent, data-driven cloud applications that scale, manage costs, and increase brand loyalty.


Cloud adoption is an integrative solution using cloud tools to move products and applications that are ready to scale and optimize onto a modern infrastructure and cloud platform.

There are five phases for cloud adoption:

-Migration (assess your organization’s cloud readiness)

– Native Development (design & develop)

– Optimization (accelerate & optimize your cloud performance)

– Operations (monitor your cloud & infrastructure)

– Security (De-risk your cloud adoption by embedding security)

Cloud adoption level refers the to maturity level of the cloud adoption. It is often dependent on various factors like a businesses size, focus, existing IT infrastructure, and culture, each of which can impact the adoption level toward implementing cloud systems.

Meet Our Experts

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