Bamboo 7.2 Release Notes

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✓ Bamboo logs – less noise, more control

✓ Bamboo Specs improvements

✓  Tag trigger

Bamboo logs – less noise, more control

We know that in order to understand what’s happening with your builds you need quick access to relevant information in your log files. To help you achieve that, Atlassian has decided to limit the level of noise that gets in your way and give you control over how much your Bamboo instance logs. Bamboo 7.2 brings you the following log improvements:

  • To make things quieter, Bamboo will be logging less data by default from now on. In return we’ve introduced a verbose mode which will allow you to turn on logging of additional data, like logs from various VCS and environment variables. You can enable the verbose mode when running a customized plan, or in the deployment screen.
  • Atlassian has also changed how rerun jobs are logged. Until now, logs for every rerun job were attached to an already existing logs for that job. As a result, it formed a very long log file which was hard to navigate and use. Now, logs for every job rerun are stored in a separate file, which makes fixing things so much easier.

Bamboo Specs improvements

Bamboo 7.2 brings you a number of improvements to Bamboo Specs:

  • Atlassian is introducing the any-task command thanks to which you can use tasks from any Marketplace app in Bamboo YAML Specs.
  • They’ve added the native YAML Specs support for SSH/SCP, Command, Maven, and Build Warnings tasks.
  • App vendors can now use the new YAML Specs API to manage plan and deployment triggers.
  • Trigger conditions configuration is now available in Java Bamboo Specs. YAML Specs support is coming at future versions
  • Third party Java Specs builders can be used for repository stored Specs. Create your own Specs libraries to manage large and complex plan configurations.

Tag trigger

Bamboo 7.2 introduces tag triggers. Now you can fire up your builds automatically whenever a selected tag appears in your repository.

Enable and disable agents over REST API

Starting from version 7.2 Bamboo allows you to enable and disable agents through REST API endpoints.


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