The cost of quick fix thinking

By GlobalLogic Marketing

As the world watches big tech firms complete mass-scale layoffs, we explore the consequences of misinterpreting market conditions and relying too heavily on quick fix thinking as part of long-term growth strategy.

Upcycle your digital architecture

By GlobalLogic Marketing

Just because you’ve introduced a new, agile way of working doesn’t mean you have to trash your waterfall and program management approach. Learn how to integrate the old with the new to deliver a compelling customer experience.

IoT Applications in a Distributed Cloud

By Volodymyr Vyshko, Vladyslav Branytskyi, Vasyl Akimov

Learn how to architect an IoT cloud and distribute computing close to the user, enabling technology to operate without downtime or delays.

Micro Frontend with Single SPA

By Vimal Dhale

Incorporating Micro Fronted into Single-SPA libraries provides a stable solution for web apps. Learn about the best practices for deploying Micro Frontends.

Distributed Cloud Monitoring

By Vladyslav Branytskyi, Volodymyr Vyshko

Companies need visibility of their distributed clouds. Read about the solutions to overcome difficulties in monitoring and logging a distributed cloud.

Cyclomatic Complexity

By Neven Dimač

Can you use cyclomatic complexity to gauge a project's health? Learn what cyclomatic complexity is, how to use this metric as a useful guide, how to calcul

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