How Smart Cars Will Change Cityscapes

By Vitaliy Voloshchuk

Which technologies do we need to improve the quality of life for people in the city and make governance more effective? What role does a car play in the city of the future, and how can it make traffic safer? GlobalLogic鈥檚 engineers are already working on solving these issues.

IoT Applications in a Distributed Cloud

By Volodymyr Vyshko, Vladyslav Branytskyi, Vasyl Akimov

Learn how to architect an IoT cloud and distribute computing close to the user, enabling technology to operate without downtime or delays.

Edge Computing - Everything you need to know

By Bharat Bhooshan Tyagi

Edge computing can change the way businesses operate. Check out this complete guide to edge computing.

Digital Biomarkers: The New Era of Wearable Technology

By Geetesh Garg, Akul Raina

Advances in wearable technologies are ushering in a new era of earlier disease diagnosis via non-invasive health monitoring. Here鈥檚 what you need to know.

The Future of Cloud-Driven Manufacturing: Built to Scale

By Raja Renganathan

From digital twins and cobots to autonomous systems, learn how cloud technology is transforming the manufacturing industry and empowering the IIOT.

Near Field Communication & Digital Transformation

By Ritesh Dubey, Vikas Khunteta

Learn about Near Field Communication (NFC), the innovative cyber security supporting iOS and Android systems, digital smart locks and contactless cards.

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Manchester City Scores Big with GlobalLogic

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