Cloud Powered Media and OTT Mean Outsized Advantages

By Raja Renganathan

Media and entertainment brands must deliver exceptional experiences to an increasingly savvy audience 鈥 and cloud technology is helping them deliver. Here鈥檚 how.

Best Practices for Managing Video Streaming Platforms

By Aftab Sheikh

Learn how to reduce expenses and improve video users鈥 experience with video encoding, compression, and packaging tips for OTT and IPTV.

Digital Rights Management in the OTT Ecosystem

By Ajinkya Jawanjal

Over-the-top content is growing, but streaming platforms need to address piracy issues. See how digital rights management can control access to online media.

Approach to Implement Media Automation Testing

By Nilesh Kumar

Learn how to automate media testing across IPTV and OTT platforms with tool recommendations and a suggested process from automation testing expert Nilesh Kumar.

GlobalLogic Cafe: Consumer Analytics 鈥 Metrics for Success on OTT Platforms

By GlobalLogic

Today鈥檚 OTT providers need to acquire a deeper understanding of the consumer habits & choices, monitor user behavior across platforms, continuously measure metrics that matter for a better subscriber retention and minimizing churn rate.

OTT Personalization

By Bhushan Balki

Over-The-Top (OTT) media platform viewership has grown with COVID-19. Learn how to focus on personalization for increased customer acquisition and engagement.

Why Gen Zers Aren鈥檛 Sports Fans (And What Broadcasters Can Do About It)

By Yuriy Mykhaylyuk

Technology is the cornerstone of how Gen Zers interact with the world. Can it also turn them into more avid sports fans?

Passing the Ball to Technology: How Innovation is Impacting Sports Broadcasts

By Ihor Rohatskyi

Evolving technologies are now making high-quality broadcasts and personalized, on-demand content accessible to all levels of sports leagues.

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