Friday Tech Round Up – Episode 26

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Hello and welcome back to the Friday Tech Round Up.

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If you’re new – each week we say lights, camera, action and report on the biggest and best tech news.

Today we’re doing things a little differently, and we’ve written about our top five pieces of tech news below. Enjoy…

A diverse metaverse

At the recent Women in Tech Festival last week, the possibilities of the metaverse were the subject of discussion for the Future of Technology panel.

In answer to an audience question about what some of the blockers to developing the metaverse are. Antje Bustamante – Director of Data & Analytics at Zoopla, emphasised the importance of diversity:

“If we leave it to a group of non-diverse people to define what the metaverse looks like, we’ll be having a panel in five years’ time talking about all the problems of the metaverse. Independent and diverse voices need to be in the room and define the metaverse. This applies to any technology as much as AI but I really do believe that if the same people keep defining what that is then we will keep getting the same result.”


Is 6G just around the corner?

The pace of 5G wireless development has been faster than ever. Now a whitepaper from 5G Americas says research is under way for future sixth-generation 6G wireless cellular networks.

“5G continues to evolve with tremendous advances across multiple areas,” said Brian Daly, AVP, Standards & Industry Alliance at AT&T and leader of the 5G Americas working group for the paper.

“However, organisations have begun to study the next generation of wireless technology. As we look to the future, 6G is expected to have steep requirements for extremely performant, trustworthy, intelligent, cognitive, flexible and sustainable wireless communication networks.”


Fintech industry tips

The fintech industry is currently facing various macroeconomic problems, including global economic inflation, increasing costs of living, companies reducing their workforce, and a possible recession.

TechCrunch has released an article discussing what can founders do to help their companies prosper during this period – including hiring high-performing talent, developing and proving the quality of your product and developing a solid strategy.


IRA invests in clean energy tech

The Inflation Reduction Act invests not only in existing clean energy technology like wind and solar, but future innovations and educating the next generation workforce.

Alexis Abramson – dean of the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College, touches on the benefits of the IRA, and talks about thethree pieces of the puzzle’ – intermittent renewables, balancing-type resources, and legislation.


Speeding up green tech development

The UK government has announced over a £65 million investment to help speed up the development of new green technologies.

This will build on the legacy of COP26, where the UK founded a coalition of countries to scale and speed up the development and drive down costs, known as the Breakthrough Agenda.


GlobalLogic news

We’re getting ready to speak at this years’ #RISK conference between 16th – 17th November.

Our GlobalLogic team will be discussing the many pain points of Data Rights Management, and how our new DRM service offering removes the need to work with multiple data rights management suppliers and technologies.

Instead, you work with a single platform to deliver a sustainable, proactive customer and DPO experience – reducing Data Rights response times by 85%. ​

Don’t miss out!

So, we hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s Friday Tech Round Up!

We’ll see you next week with even more tech news.

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