Friday Tech Round Up – Episode 7

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If you’re curious to know what’s been happening in the tech space this past week, then look no further… our Friday Tech Round Up is your weekly dose of the latest and greatest tech news!

In episode 6, we explore holograms, Big Tech in China and rumours around Google’s LaMDA chatbot – plus many more.


President Zelensky goes digital

Attendees at TNW Conference in Amsterdam, Vivatech in Paris, Brilliant Minds in Stockholm, and Founders Forum in London had a surprise guest, as President Zelensky of Ukraine appeared simultaneously at each conference as a hologram on June 15th, 2022.

According to a The Next Web article, “Zelensky urged the tech communities of Europe and beyond to continue connecting and investing in the bright minds of Ukraine. Companies like Grammarly, Gitlab, and MacPaw were all born in this growing innovation hub. And with further support, they can continue (despite the current circumstances) to flourish.”


How Google’s chatbot works – and why it isn’t sentient – podcast

In this podcast, AI researcher and author Kate Crawford speaks to Ian Sample about how Google’s LaMDA chatbot actually works, and why we shouldn’t worry about the inner life of software – for now.

This conversation was sparked after Blake Lemoine, an engineer at Google, claimed that an AI chatbot he worked with had become ‘sentient’, publishing a transcript of his conversations with LaMDA that included responses about having feelings and fearing death.


China’s big tech forced to rein in size and scope

After a series of punishing regulations and fines, China’s Big Tech groups are struggling to reboost growth in the world’s second-largest economy. This comes after President Xi Jinping cracked down on the size and scope of big tech, erasing billions of dollars of value from some of the country’s most prominent companies and impacting employees at an alarming pace.


Bitcoin suffers with biggest hit since 2020

Bitcoin dropped to its lowest level since 2020 this week, trading at $21,974 (£18,000). Looming recessions, inflation, interest rates and living costs on the rise are all reasons given why the market has taken such a hit. It also remains unregulated and unprotected by the financial authorities, making it volatile and unpredictable.

Discover more about the crash here.


Five quantum technologies being trialled in UK

Five quantum technology products developed in the UK are now in trials, having been awarded funding from the UK Quantum Challenge. These include a wearable brain scanner, a device capable of viewing and calculating emissions, a secure communications network, gravity sensor and miniaturised atomic clock.




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And that’s it!

Make sure to come back next week for even more tech news.


Friday Tech Round Up


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