GlobalLogic gain Snowflake SPN Select Tier status

GlobalLogic is proud to have gained Snowflake Select Services partner status and become just one of 13 Snowflake Select Services Partners within the UK.

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Founded in 2012, Snowflake caused quite the stir in the industry.

Which industry?

Pretty much all of them.

Not only did it become the first US Unicorn just six years after its launch, it spent the past ten years building integral partnerships with the three biggest cloud providers. This helped grow the accessibility of the technology and answer customer demand. Being platform agnostic also enables Snowflake to compliment and work across the AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure platforms without being interrupted – bringing data portability much more to the mainstream.

As noted by Mark Murrin, Strategic Alliances Manager at GlobalLogic UK&I:

“Snowflake has a data platform they call the Data Cloud. This platform sits on top of the infrastructure of hyperscalers and does an awful lot to democratise and liberate data – the broad view being that there is a massive amount of data in an organisation that is generally siloed in every corner of the business, creating issues of access and challenges in data governance. It’s not unusual for organisations to have multiple versions of the truth, back-up copies, unsynchronised copies, and vast data sets of different types, and so the challenges multiple.

In short, businesses haven’t been getting maximum value from data, to action and innovate against the data at anything like the scale they’d wish, and Snowflake’s Data Cloud is an answer to those challenges. Creating a bridge between the creators and the consumers of data with a modern data platform in the middle. And so the Data Cloud brings huge opportunities to Snowflake customers and its partners”.

It’s with this in mind that GlobalLogic is proud to have gained Snowflake Select Services partner status and become just one of 13 Snowflake Select Services Partners within the UK.

This status means we now sit in ‘a rich ecosystem of Technology and Services partners for customers to leverage in their adoption of Snowflake’s single, integrated platform’.

Achieving Snowflake Select Services partner status required the training of a number of both sales and technical sales specialists with core knowledge and understanding, and four SnowPro Core certified engineers demonstrating deep capability and knowledge of the data platform and customer solutions. Our knowledge and capability had to also be evidenced by a series of use cases to demonstrate competency with Snowflake’s technology.

These use cases and additional certifications compliment GlobalLogic’s existing skillsets around data & analytics and platform engineering. More specifically, our long-standing partnerships with AWS, Azure and GCP put us in a unique position to consider the end-to-end challenges of migrating to and leveraging a modern data platform and of the implementation of the Snowflake data cloud in a variety of cloud-native environments. This includes everything from design, preparation, and re-platforming to performance optimisation.


As a customer, why is the Snowflake Select Services partner status important to me?

Our interest in Snowflake started with you, our customers.

With an increased focus on the data and Cloud platforms space, interest in tools that give customers seamless access to explore, share, and unlock the true value of their data have become top priority. With one eye on the headlines and the other on strong customer interest, we took the first opportunity we could to engage with Snowflake and become more familiar with their offering.

There’s also the business benefit.

According to Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ Study, Snowflake customers can expect an ROI of 612% and total benefits of more than $21 million over three years. In addition, Snowflake’s customers collectively have more than 250PB of data managed by the Data Cloud, equating to more than 515 million data workloads running each day.

Understanding the scale of challenges our customers have around data, and the need for creative and innovative solutions to satisfy growing regulations in heavily regulated industries, working with Snowflake has proved to be the perfect partnership to further complement our existing offerings. Not only can we now offer the best data technology options on the market, we can design integrated tech solutions with Snowflake by drawing on suitable products, platforms, and expertise from our wider partner ecosystem.

We’re excited for the opportunities working with Snowflake brings and look forward to delivering on additional use cases and reaching for Snowflake Elite partner status.

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