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Infrastructure Security Considerations for Edge Computing

By Umesh Kanyal, Sachin Kumar, Aditya Aggarwal

As enterprises adopt IoT concepts and edge computing, security is a top concern. See how businesses can provide infrastructure protection for edge devices.

Time Series: Data Analysis & Forecasting

By Amit Gupta, Akshit Bansal

Learn about the characteristics, databases, visualizations and machine learning models driving modern day time series analysis and forecasting.

Production & Manufacturing: A Technology-Driven Industry

By Karolina Busz

Why the production & manufacturing sector continues to forge closer relationships with the IT industry and invest in research and development.

Understanding the SOAR Canvas of Cybersecurity

By Nimasha Jain

SIEM tools are not proactive enough for today’s cyber threats. See how the four engines of SOAR platforms can empower security analysts for a new era.

Secure Development Lifecycle: Importance & Learning

By Kulbhushan Bhardwaj

Secure development lifecycle (SDL) provides best practices to implement security during software development. Learn about the challenges and methods behind SDL.

The Happy Data Platform: A Personified Perspective (Part I)

By Vivek Sinha

This blog identifies the common expectations that Data Engineers and Data Consumers have for a data platform, and it demonstrates how to meet these expectations.

Mind the Gap Between Your Environment and Cloud Best Practices

By Chand Tailor

Since COVID, the reliance on cloud has spanned across all industries. However, not all cloud environments are resilient, affordable, or supportive of changing user demands.

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