Atlassian Licenses

We are your full-service partner for Atlassian license consultation, purchase, extension, and harmonization.

Atlassian Licenses

Your Full-Service License Consulting Partner

You can purchase licenses for all Atlassian products and associated extensions and apps directly through GlobalLogic. Our consultants will help you identify exactly which licenses you need for your solution and guide you through the entire license purchasing, extension, and harmonization process.

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Advantages of Buying Atlassian Licenses Through GlobalLogic

All products, all apps

We offer licenses for all Atlassian products and all Marketplace apps.

Worry-free renewals

As part of our license management service, we personally deliver your renewal offers so you don’t miss any deadlines.

Reverse transactions

We can assist you with cancelling or exchanging your licenses (within 30 days after purchase).


Use a single vendor to manage your entire Atlassian migration from end-to-end: planning, licensing, customization, implementation, hosting, support, and training.

Budget planning

We provide a tailored report of licensing costs year-over-year so that you can better plan your budget.

Licensing expertise

Our consultants are deeply experienced with complex license models — including renewals, upgrades, downgrades, and even harmonization of support periods.

License Purchasing Options

Deployment Options

FAQs — Evaluation, Costs, and Discounts

The prices for Atlassian products and Marketplace apps can be found on the respective product page at

Yes, server products can be tested for free up to 90 days before purchase. You will receive an evaluation license for 30 days. We are happy to support you and will send you the desired evaluation licenses upon request. Cloud products can be evaluated in the Standard and Premium versions for up to 30 days free of charge. Cloud licenses can be purchased from GlobalLogic on invoice, including a 12-month term and a corresponding discount. Alternatively, there is also the option of monthly billing for your cloud instance.

No reinstallation is necessary. Only the license key for the product needs to be exchanged.

Atlassian provides you with the software via download.

Atlassian does not directly offer discounts on its products. However, you are welcome to contact us regarding discount options for framework agreements, etc.

Atlassian does not offer preferential conditions unless they are educational institutions. In this case, “academic” licenses can be purchased at a 50% discount of the commercial license’s list price. Non-profit organizations receive free community licenses from Atlassian and can apply for them here:

To obtain an academic license, you must be part of one of the following types of organizations:

  • State-certified educational institutions
    • Public or private kindergartens
    • Public or private primary schools
    • Public or private secondary schools
    • Vocational schools
    • Distance learning institutes
    • Public or private universities
  • Administrative bodies and education committees
  • Public libraries
  • Research institutions affiliated with an accredited university
  • Teaching hospitals affiliated with an accredited university
  • Training organizations accredited by a public body

We are also happy to order Academic licenses for you. Because Atlassian will ask for proof of accreditation, you will need to provide us with this proof during the ordering process.

Yes, a so-called “developer license” can be created by the technical contact person in the license management section of the account. The developer license can be used for non-productive purposes on your development and test environment, or on a cold standby server. The license expiration date is synchronized with the existing production license. The license key can be generated as follows:

  • Log-in at
  • Find the desired production license in the “Your Licenses” area
  • Click on the license to open the corresponding menu
  • Click the button “View Developer License” in the “Actions” area
  • Confirm the terms of the developer license by clicking on “View”
  • Copy the license key into the license management of your development or test system

You can generate several developer licenses from one productive license if you use different servers for testing, development, or quality assurance.

FAQs — Offers, Orders, Provisions, and Invoices

Simply send us an email with the desired products and the required number of users to We would also be pleased to receive your inquiry by telephone under the number 0800 09 800 00.

If you like our offer, you are welcome to send the signed offer or your order by email to

After receiving your order, GlobalLogic will purchase your licenses from Atlassian. For this purpose, we will deposit the Technical Contact you requested (e.g., name, email, telephone) as licensee with Atlassian. After activation (i.e., confirmation mail from Atlassian), the licensee will have access to the existing licenses and license keys at any time. They can also generate developer licenses for your products using the existing account.

The software is provided electronically via download from Atlassian and can be installed on the desired target system regardless of the license purchase.

You will receive an invoice from GlobalLogic after the purchase, according to the tax regulations of our Germany-based Atlassian consultation office. A purchase by credit card with the associated foreign currency costs and fees for a foreign bank transfer is therefore not necessary. As a rule, we offer you 14 days as a payment term. Deviating from these terms of payment can be agreed upon individually.

With the purchase of your licenses, we will make an advance payment. However, a possible rescission can only take place within 30 days after purchase. Therefore it is necessary to receive the compensation within two weeks. Different payment terms can be agreed upon individually.

FAQs — Returns and Exchanges

Commercial and academic licenses can be returned or exchanged for up to 30 days after the date of order. After this period, no returns or exchanges are possible. Please directly reach out to the contact persons mentioned in your offer. Please also note that starter licenses (i.e., 10 users / 3 agents) are excluded from the return policy, as Atlassian donates these revenues to charitable organizations. A return of Atlassian Cloud licenses is only possible within the first paid month after the evaluation. If you purchased Cloud licenses as an annual subscription, you can also cancel or exchange these licenses within 30 days of purchase.

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