Tempo for Jira

Save time and make smart resource and project planning decisions based on reliable, real-time data.

Time Tracking & Reports Made Easy

Tempo’s Timesheets and Planner apps increase Jira’s efficiency and provide your organizations with the insight it needs to keep track of project costs, budget and plan resources, optimize workflows, and track customer costs and investments. With a network of 100+ partners and 13,000+ satisfied customers, Tempo is one of the largest and best-selling add-on providers in the Atlassian Ecosystem.

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Advantages of Tempo Timesheets

Tempo Timesheets is the #1 time management product in the Atlassian ecosystem since 2010. Request a free, personalized demo to see how Tempo Timesheets can work for your organization.

Automatically populate timesheets through Google / Microsoft calendar integrations

Review and approve timesheets, in bulk or individually

Make fact-based decisions based on real-time information with dynamic reports

Plan for time and future bids based on historical estimates

Measure and report on CAPEX / OPEX efficiently

Tempo Timesheets Features

Timesheet Management

  • Quickly review, approve, or reject timesheets.
  • Log work processes chronologically.
  • Manage teams and employees according to their role, capacity, workload, and vacation planning.
  • View your own schedule in the “My Work” view.

Automated Reports

  • Create customized, fine-meshed reports based on reliable data.
  • Leverage simple buffering to view or export reports.
  • View CAPEX/OPEX, billable, and internal timesheets in one report.
  • Leverage built-in tools for real-time acquisition.

Billing & CAPEX

  • Create custom accounts for all customers or cost centers within an organization.
  • Easily categorize accounts into billable, non-billable, CAPEX, or OPEX categories.
  • Create user-defined price tables.


  • Integrate app with Tempo Planner and Tempo Budgets for optimal planning, reports, and budgeting.
  • Integrate with “Data Center” for large enterprises.
  • Leverage APIs and developer resources for customer integrations.
  • Automatically populate timesheets through Google / Microsoft calendar integrations.

Advantages of Tempo Planner

With the Tempo Planner, you can easily plan your capacity by prioritizing work by FTE (Full Time Equivalent). Supply and demand are weighed against any capacity constraints, which enables you to identify potential capacity problems early in the planning process, distribute resources intelligently, and use resources effectively.

Get an overview of all available resources and their current statuses, plans, and other capacity constraints

Avoid overloading your teams by intelligently planning over weeks or months

Easily integrate with Tempo Timesheets, Tempo Budgets, or other business applications

Tempo Planner Features

Resource Planner Overview

  • Find team members faster by using filters to search by team, role, or user.
  • Plan and approve time resources or requests for time capacities from other teams.

Manage Team Capacity & Availability

  • Create reports on project feasibility based on roles and responsibilities, as well as availability of geographically distributed resources.
  • Plan and adjust work based on demand orientation and capacity restrictions.
  • Take into consideration public holidays, PTO, and flexible working hours.

Report on Planned Time

  • Create reports based on data, users, teams, roles, and all available resources.
  • Use intelligent filter function to display results as needed.
  • Save reports for later reuse or export them for sharing.


Jira Tempo is a time management service that primarily produces timesheets. It helps businesses to track project costs, budget and plan resources, optimize workflows, and track customer costs and investments, thus improving their efficiency.

No, Jira Tempo is a premium service. However, customers can request a free demo to see how Jira Tempo works and whether it is a good fit for the business.

Jira Tempo has been part of Atlassian since 2010. It is one of Atlassian’s most popular products and a best-selling add-on provider in the Atlassian Ecosystem.

Users can access tempo in Jira by checking their Time Tracking section. Once they are logged in, they can record their time stamps by clicking and filling in the Log Time dialog box.

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