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Rodrigo Cofiño

Chief Strategy Officer


As the Senior Vice President of GlobalLogic’s Strategy & Program Office, Rodrigo Cofiño plays a pivotal role in shaping the company’s long-term strategic business objectives and ensuring organizational alignment to achieve them through his program office. With a unique blend of management consulting, business strategy, and extensive global operational experience across both private and public sectors, Rodrigo is ideally positioned for this role.

Before joining GlobalLogic, Rodrigo spent six years as a senior leader at Apple Inc., specifically within the Supply Chain Management organization. There, he oversaw the global supply chain of glass components across six different product lines, demonstrating his expertise in managing complex logistical operations on a global scale. Prior to his tenure at Apple, Rodrigo held a role as a management consultant at McKinsey and Company, where he provided strategic guidance to senior executives across various industries including transportation, packaging, chemical, and retail.

Rodrigo brings deep global experience, having worked across diverse borders including the US, Asia, Latin America, Africa, Europe, and Australia. This extensive international exposure has equipped him with a broad perspective and a nuanced understanding of global business dynamics.

An engineer at heart, Rodrigo holds a professional degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Buenos Aires Institute of Technology, underscoring his strong foundation in technical and management principles. He furthered his education by earning an MBA from Georgetown University, augmenting his strategic and analytical capabilities.

Rodrigo’s leadership is characterized by his ability to navigate complex challenges and drive transformative change within organizations. His strategic vision and operational expertise make him an invaluable asset to GlobalLogic’s executive team, positioning the company for sustained growth and success in an ever-evolving market landscape.

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