Adaptive and Intuitive Design: Disrupting Sports Broadcasting

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The sports entertainment industry is growing. Live and on-demand sports streaming platforms are being welcomed by sports enthusiasts worldwide.

However, designing and launching a best-in-class streaming product requires access to niche digital skills, which take significant investment, time, and effort. For one of our customers who owns a top-grossing on-demand sports platform, the time and effort were well worth it, but the team didn’t do it alone. The customer and the platform creator (a leading digital sports content and media group) joined forces with Method, a GlobalLogic company, to find worldwide success.

Success: Co-location and Co-creation

A driving force for the customer is to connect the world of sport by producing the most detailed and engaging content. Part of this focus included building a digital product that would disrupt the sports broadcasting industry, making streaming content available to anyone who wanted it. A key member of the client team said, “We have seen a revolution in entertainment with the introduction of disruptive brands like Netflix; now it is sport’s turn to be more consumer-friendly.”

Though the client’s team had a specific vision for its digital product, they still needed help from experts to bring the vision to life. Method – a GlobalLogic company that provides global strategy, UX/UI design, and software engineering was their pick.

Method closely worked with the client’s product development team to build a platform that would reach consumers worldwide. The client worked side-by-side with Method’s product team at their London studio. Co-creation and co-location are two facets of success. Every team member was able to ask questions, make suggestions, and contribute to the overall design in person. This hands-on approach helped teams develop core systems and capabilities and evolve the product in the future.

Varying traditions and cultures affect customer expectations. Before embarking on product design, there was a need to understand the target market. A senior client executive further relayed that “Each of our local products is distinct and specifically intended to drive our business in Japan or our business in Italy.” The client further believed that to get people to subscribe, they must have the content that matters, whether Serie A in Italy, MotoGP in Spain, Bundesliga in Germany, or J-League in Japan, fights in the US, NFL in Canada. You have to build the product around must-have, must-see content.

Method conducted first-hand research, rapid prototyping, and interface concept testing for the initial launch slated for Japan and Germany. It then designed an interface that accommodates a range of formats and interests. Ultimately it’s the content that matters!

The sports app built by Method enabled video-on-demand service accessible via web-enabled devices, including tablets, computers, consoles, or TVs, which viewers in over 200 countries and territories are enjoying today.

Success: Strategic Partnerships

The case study is a resounding example of collaboration and co-creation with clients. Together, we constructed a complex yet adaptive design system with everything the client needed, from interface components and UX guidelines to experience principles. As a result, the app became one of the most profitable sports apps in 2019, and GlobalLogic is proud to have played a considerable part in its global success. 

At Method and GlobalLogic, we serve customers across the Media and Entertainment (M&E) segment—especially sports, online gaming, and betting segment—is expanding. GlobalLogic provides consumer-oriented services by developing feature-rich apps and supporting platforms to succeed in a competitive market.

If you’re looking for a strategic partner, choose GlobalLogic. Contact our team today, and let’s work together to build the exceptional.




Arun Mukunda

VP and Global Head, Media and Entertainment

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