Energy and Utilities Industry Trends 2022 with Gaurav Rohella

In this episode of the Tech3 Podcast, we engage with Energy & Utilities Lead Gaurav Rohella about how the Energy and Utilities industry is reintroducing triple bottom line thinking, with a greater focus on people and planet rather than profit. As Gaurav says in the episode, it is what the world demands of us at the moment.

We also explore carbon management platforms, the growing application of EV technology, and how we build infrastructure that avoids the ‘Great British Kettle Surge’ phenomena when everyone wants to charge their car at night.

Hosts: Eloisa Tovee and Andy Tebb

This episode is a continuation of the findings found in a 2021 Forrester study, commissioned by GlobalLogic, evaluating the state of digital transformation. You can read the study in full here:

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