Ensure that your customers enjoy uninterrupted service with the Opsgenie early warning system.

Track & React to Crises Quickly

Product malfunctions and system failures can be extremely costly, which is why setting up an Incident Response Plan (IRP) is one of the central tasks of any IT department. Opsgenie is an early warning system that provides businesses with multi-channel alerting and other tools to monitor systems and coordinate reaction processes. Atlassian combines its proven collaboration and workflow platforms with the efficient escalation and deployment management processes of Opsgenie to ensure that you never miss critical warnings again.

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Your Opsgenie Experts

The Opsgenie platform provides a broad service package so that you can keep track of crisis situations and react quickly to them. GlobalLogic’s Atlassian consultants can:

Support you in developing an early warning system


Create an effective deployment plan so that you can use this tool optimally

Opsgenie Features


Fast System Recovery

  • Broad service package of tools and processes that enable you to minimize downtimes and react quickly to emergencies
  • Groups warning messages together and filters unimportant messages automatically
  • Allows you to adapt the alerts to your workflow so that you always have dynamic reporting
  • Enables you to correlate deployments and commits to incidents

Optimal Reaction Chain

  • Define reaction chains ahead of time and launch them with just one click when a critical incident occurs
  • Tool automatically retrieves stored availability schedule and sends corresponding message to all responsible people
  • Use integrated chat room to quickly coordinate a solution

Central Platform

  • Provides a central platform for successful incident management
  • Enables cross-departmental collaboration, escalation management, and rapid resolution
  • Integrates with 200+ tools (e.g., monitoring ITSM, ChatOps, Slack, StatusPage)
  • Ensures optimal adaptation to your individual requirements


Yes, Opsgenie is an Atlassian Open DevOps product that helps teams to streamline incident management and response processes.

Opsgenie is an incident management platform that helps businesses to monitor systems and customize applications. It offers helpful alerts so businesses do not miss critical incidents and can efficiently take action in a timely manner.

Opsgenie is included in Jira service managment. Users have the option to use Opsgenie separately, or have the entire team use Jira Service Management, which includes Opsgenie functionality.

Opsgenie Heartbeat Heartbeats is used to ensure that a businesses environment can connect to Opsgenie continuously, eliminating network problems between the system and Opsgenie.

Meet Our Experts

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