Linux/Networking Smart Start

from GlobalLogic Education

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Smart Start from GlobalLogic Education is a free online course, developed by the company’s experts, which includes lectures and practical exercises. The course is designed for students and beginners with basic knowledge, no commercial experience, and a desire to start a career as a developer in the IT field.


The course is free — only time investment is needed


Provides the first experience in implementing an IT project


Ongoing support from experienced mentors and trainers


Allows you to join the GlobalLogic team in a trainee position

About the technology:

GNU/Linux operating system and Networking are some of the most modern embedded technologies. GNU/Linux is the most popular platform for IoT, healthcare, automotive, industry, science, home appliances, and electronics. Networking is important because it is hard to imagine any modern product that is not connected to a network and thus does some advanced tasks for our needs.

For whom:

For beginners familiar with any Linux-based OS, who have basic knowledge of networking,  Intermediate+ English level, and want to reinforce it with practical experience.

Please note that the number of places on the course is limited, and applicants will participate in the selection process. Successful completion of the course will give participants the opportunity to join GlobalLogic as a Trainee.




2 months


twice a week


Google Meet, Chat





How to join the training

Apply for the course and share your CV

Pay attention to the requirements for participants and accept the terms of participation.

Pass an HR interview

If your CV meets the technical and English-level requirements for the course, we will invite you for an interview.

Pass a technical interview

The candidates with the best results will receive further instructions and will be able to join the training.

What will you get


Opportunity to join GlobalLogic

Graduates with the best results will be able to pass interviews for Trainee positions to join the company’s projects.

Theoretical and practical knowledge

You will receive relevant theoretical knowledge that is currently used in the industry. Each theoretical block will be reinforced by practice.

Personal project

You will work on a technical project that can supplement your pet-project base and be used in your CV.


Graduates who successfully complete the program will receive personal digital certificates to enhance their CV and LinkedIn profile.

Requirements for participants

In order to maintain the highest level of the course and in line with business needs, a strictly limited number of participants from Poland, Slovakia (Zilina and Kosice) and Croatia (Zagreb) will be involved in the training.


  • Experience with any Linux-based OS
  • Programming experience in C (or C++) language 
  • Basic understanding of Networking (protocols, HW)
  • Basic knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Basic knowledge of software development tools and software development life cycle
  • Intermediate or above level of spoken and written English

Would be a plus

  • Computer Science or IT-related education
  • Good analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Basic understanding of electronics and computer HW

Graduate's story

Maksym Bilyk, Software Engineer, GlobalLogic, shared the story of his journey in IT, which began with GlobalLogic Education.

Maksym likes to program microcontrollers and work with "iron". On the course, he realized his aspirations with the Raspberry Starter Kit. And now Maksym is involved in a medical project and does things that make the world a better place.

Discover from the video what skills from the course Maksym uses in his work and how the training went.

Learning details


  • Starting with Linux
  • Linux command line intro
  • Command-line processors
  • Remote access
  • Linux for developers
  • Linux Command Line Utilities 
  • Linux Kernel Settings


  • Internet Protocols, Overview & Programming Pitfalls
  • Troubleshooting Network Applications 
  • Performance Tuning of Network Applications 
  • Firewall
  • Security
  • Routing understanding
  • WAN connection types / protocols
  • WiFi

  • Sergii Kudriavtsev
    Senior Software/Firmware Developer, TL, Manager

Engineer with more than 12 years of experience in software and hardware development and 3 years of experience as a software architect. He has experience in project management of the full product life cycle, from design and planning to production launch, testing and customer support. He has in-depth computing, mathematical and networking knowledge, experience in applying computer technologies in government agencies and railway transport. Expert with experience in network technologies, UNIX operating systems, VoIP, digital IP PBXs, embedded Linux systems, and data storage systems.

  • Andrii Beregovenko
    Lead Software Engineer

More than 20 years of overall working experience in IT brings a clear vision of many technologies and their background. Started working with GNU/Linux, as a large-scale enterprise applications solution developer/administrator. All the time being in touch with Linux/Unix operation systems, software development for them, Web technologies, media and data transmission, embedded devices and systems. Extensive experience with building networks, network services, network security; writing software for monitoring, filtering, protecting and controlling them.

  • Jakub Slepecki
    Senior Software Engineer

Over 5 years of commercial experience of test-related and general software development in automotive and medical applications. Mainly focused on POSIX-compliant systems with additional system-specific knowledge of Linux, BSD and QNX. Open source contributor and a hobbyist with interests in Lua, operating systems development, artificial intelligence, artificial life, programming language design and development, and embedded systems.


Smart Start from GlobalLogic Education is open to beginners in IT who have basic knowledge in the technical area of the course and want to gain the practical experience necessary to start a career as a Linux/Networking Trainee developer. The number of places in the group is limited, so only those participants who successfully pass the selection process will be able to take part in the training.

In order to start training at Smart Start from GlobalLogic Education, you need to pass a selection process that takes about a month. To do this, you need to:

  • fill out the registration form 
  • follow the emails from the organizers that will be sent to the email address specified during registration,
  • pass a short HR interview and a technical interview,
  • familiarize yourself with the selection results, and accept the invitation to attend the training.

We invite experienced trainers from GlobalLogic, who work on leading projects with the company’s top clients, to conduct classes at Smart Start from GlobalLogic Education, sharing not only their expertise but also the latest knowledge and technologies. For individual support, participants are assigned mentors who help them with practical tasks and provide feedback with recommendations.

Smart Start from GlobalLogic Education classes are held online in English only and last approximately 1.5-2 hours twice a week in the evening. All lectures will also be available in a recording for repeated viewing.

To strengthen the gained knowledge and obtain practical experience, the program will include homework with deadlines and feedback from mentors.

Access to the course recordings will be maintained for 2 months after the course completion. After that, access will be restricted.

The Smart Start from GlobalLogic Education does not require specialized equipment, it will be quite enough to have a PC with Linux or Windows, but Linux running on virtualbox.

All participants who complete the Smart Start from GlobalLogic Education training will receive a personalized certificate of completion. GL SmartStart courses are not a basis for obtaining a diploma or other document of a certain qualification level.

Upon successful completion of the Smart Start from GlobalLogic Education, participants will acquire a set of theoretical knowledge and practical skills sufficient to successfully start a career in the IT field. They will also receive personalized certificates of completion from GlobalLogic Education. 

In case of any questions, please contact

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