Inviting all Wonder Women In Tech

We can help you build an exceptional career.

In a continuous endeavor to promote gender diversity at GlobalLogic, we exclusively hire women in technology. GlobalLogic offers various platforms and benefits that enable women to grow professionally and achieve their career goals.

We are a highly inclusive team that values the uniqueness of every individual. Talent and innovation are the common denominators that unite us across geographies. In an inclusive work environment, multiple perspectives blend to offer a new and richer outlook.

This hiring campaign is a step towards increasing diversity across technical roles at GlobalLogic and bridge the talent gap.

We are Hiring!

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Life@GL | The Women Influencers at GlobalLogic (TWIG)

About GlobalLogic

GlobalLogic is a leader in digital product engineering. We help brands across the globe design and build innovative products, platforms, and digital experiences for the modern world. By integrating experience design, complex engineering, and data expertise — we help our clients imagine what’s possible, and accelerate their transition into tomorrow’s digital businesses. GlobalLogic is a Hitachi Group Company.

Meet our Women Changemakers

Akshatha Aithal

As a Quality Assurance Consultant at GlobalLogic, I believe in actions doing the talking. I consider OTT domain knowledge as my key strength and love leading the team from the front to set an example for others. As an avid multitasker, I harmonize my skills around both Front End & Back End testing of OTT, Analytics & people management to deliver exceptional results. As a leader, I consider it my duty to set the right culture within the team and ensure that together we deliver only the best to our clients.

Richa Sharma

Having worked as a QA consultant for over 5 years, I wanted to upskill myself and enrolled into the Design academy at GlobalLogic. Being a passionate learner and a go-getter, I was able to manage strict timelines of my project releases and design academy online courses. In a short duration of 1 year, I was able to complete 16 online training courses on Interaction Design Foundation, and received ‘Outstanding Learner’ and ‘TOP Performer’ awards.

Nisha Mukherjee

My motto in life has always been to leave things better than how you found them. It could be for people, things and experiences. Being a firm believer that people remember us for the experience we give them, I look at learning from the perspective of an employee and try to envision the best learning landscape for each employee at GL. As somebody who conceptualized and led the Academies ecosystem for GL, my aim is to help our employees meet their career aspirations, and constantly grow with us.

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