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Deluxe Media is a media company, founded in 1915. It is the leading company in media and entertainment services for film, video and online content. The company is a regular partner of the world’s most successful Hollywood studios, independent film companies, television networks and advertisers. Deluxe Media offers top solutions for the post-production, asset management and cloud-based workflows.

The team is involved in developing a solution called Deluxe One. It is a cloud platform that integrates the process of creating, managing and delivering different types of media content from the point of creation (the author or operator of media content) to the end user. The open API architecture allows customers to manage content in one place.

We are involved in all stages of the development process. We help to create:

  • comprehensive solutions for delivery of content to any point in any format
  • encoding in all popular formats (4k, UHD, MXF, AVC, J2K, SCSA, MPEG, etc.), including HDR and IMF
  • interaction with the media repository
  • platform engineering
  • integration with client APIs
  • implementation of directory management for content owners and distributors: download, quality control, backup/restore, tracking
  • interaction with metadata
  • creating applications for live events
  • QA / QC processes.

Key facts

50+ professionals

Highly qualified Senior level team

Active collaboration with colleagues from international offices

Work with up to date technologies, cloud-based solution, and constantly evolving microservice architecture

The results of our work are visible to millions of users around the world

Key technologies



  • .Net Core 2.2, 3.0, 3.1 
  • Liquid
  • Ruby 
  • Java
  • JS, Lodash, ReactJS
  • JSON validator, JS validator
  • Golang
  • MSSQL, Postgres, MySQL, Elasticsearch, MongoDB
  • CSS / SASS and HTML5


  • Cloud providers AWS, Azure, GCP and Digital Ocean 
  • Docker, 
  • Swarm, 
  • ECS, 
  • Kubernetes, 
  • Etcd
  • HashiCorp Stack (Terraform, Nomad, Consul, and Vault)


  • UI and Web Service APIs testing using Postman, JMeter, SoapUI, etc.
  • Python
  • Selenium Ruby


Specialists profiles


C# developers

Core skills:

    • C#/.NET, .NET Core, ASP.NET

    • Experience with containerized microservices and serverless architectures.

    • Knowledge of cloud providers – AWS GCE

    • Experience working with distributed systems and related concepts

    • Experience with SQL and NoSQL databases, including MSSQL, Postgres, MySQL, and Elasticsearch


QA Automation engineers

Core skills:

    • Deep knowledge of Python or Java

    • Deep expertise in testing Web Service APIs using manual or automated tools (Postman, JMeter, SoapUI, etc.)

    • Experience with Protractor, Selenium

    • Deep expertise in SQL databases

React developers

Core skills:

    • ReactJS

    • JavaScript

    • Experience working with distributed systems and related concepts

    • C#/.NET, .NET Core, ASP.NET

Python engineers

Core skills:

    • Deep knowledge of Python

    • Experience in creating and implementing Web applications with Django

    • Experience in coding concepts and best practices across languages

    • Experience in developing mass-intensive applications

    • Strong experience in scalable database design and POSTGRES

Why join us

Access to the state-of-the-art industry equipment

Business trips

Close communication with foreign colleagues

Trainings on current and latest technologies from the client’s representatives

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