Adobe Experience Manager Case Study: Telecom Self-Service Portal Implementation

Self-service portals are an integral part of the telecommunications customer experience and today, consumer expectations are soaring. Digital Goliaths such as Netflix, Apple, and Airbnb have set a high bar when it comes to personalized, intuitive self-serve experiences.

So when a market leader in customer experience (CX) software for communications services needed to modernize and digitally transform a client’s core offering into a world-class portal experience for telecom subscribers, they turned to GlobalLogic for help.

Specifically, the carrier needed an Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) implementation to provide customers a secure, intuitive portal in which to fulfill their every self-service need.

In its most recent U.S. Telecom In-Home Service Technician Study, J.D. Power found that self-service experiences not only better served telco customer needs but offered companies substantial savings, as well. 

“We often say satisfaction is profitable. Providers that understand this and give customers easy access to the tools they need to troubleshoot common issues enjoy higher customer satisfaction, and—importantly—are spending less on customer service phone calls that begin at upwards of $7-$12 per call.” – Ian Greenblatt, managing director at J.D. Power.

What does it take to provide the kind of seamless, engaging, rewarding self-serve experience telecom customers expect today – and to craft a solution that will scale as your business evolves?

It starts with an experience design approach to digital product engineering. Further, creating a digital experience of this caliber calls for a proven track record in responsive design, data and analytics, content engineering, and advanced software engineering.

In this engagement, GlobalLogic seamlessly implemented Adobe Experience Manager in a responsive self-serve portal where users on any device could consume, engage with, and provide feedback on content. Customers are empowered with seamless, frictionless self-service options in a system that serves the brand’s needs for content creation, management, analytics, hosting, and data storage, as well.

Today, this leading telecom carrier has an industry-leading portal experience befitting its stellar reputation, and is positioned to continue building on the value its service provides for years to come.

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