Manchester City Fan Platform

Helping Share Your Passion For Football!

Our client is City Football Group. It is a holding company that runs an association of football clubs, including Manchester City, which is one of the best football clubs in the English Premier League.

What we develop within the project:

The GlobalLogic team creates a fan platform for Manchester City. It is a fan interaction platform, implemented as a standalone website, as well as an administrative console and the services necessary to support it. The aim of the project is to provide fans with content relevant to individual or demographic characteristics, as well as mechanisms for fans to interact with the club and with each other. Some high-level features include widgets, such as match prediction, team prediction, various forms of polls, partner offers, rewards, and event markers. The administrative console displays reports on the use of the platform and allows the team responsible for fan relations to create and target relevant content.

We are guided by Scrum in this project.

The technologies we use:

- Back-end: C #, .NET Core; ASP.NET Core; ASP.NET Web API; MongoDB.

- Front-end: HTML / CSS, Angular, WebPack.

- Other: Jira, Git, Docker, Microsoft Azure.

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