Design is Core to a Digital Enterprise — Including Full Gartner Report

Design is core

Despite playing a critical role in dreaming up products and services that power business growth, design as a discipline has often been held at arm’s length by business decision makers more focused on the day-to-day realities of keeping their businesses afloat. Traditional tools of corporate strategy tend to be favored because they are perceived to be rooted in fact and quantitative rigor. But in an increasingly digital world, decisions about customer experience — the designer’s bread and butter — are often powerful drivers of business transformation.

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  • Design is Core to a Digital Enterprise: GlobalLogic’s case studies and insights into how businesses are using design as a strategic tool of transformation
  • Achieving Digital Optimization with Digital Design (Gartner Report): How CIOs can use digital design as the glue between customer and employee experience, productivity improvement, and increased revenue

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