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The conference is the place created by GL Szczecin to share and popularize what we do in our every day work, with passion and commitment. We know that Szczecin is a location with high potential in automotive software industry – we have many great engineers, clients and projects and we want to promote them all. The conference is a meeting dedicated for every automotive passionate, this is why GL invites other companies and speakers to join and define “what’s next”.

IT in Automative Conference

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The first edition of the conference took place in 2017 and was organized in cooperation with the partners such as Szczecin City Council, Mercedes-Benz Mojsiuk and Klaster ICT Pomorze Zachodnie.

During the event held in Technopark Pomerania, over 200 engineers and enthusiasts of the Automotive industry had the opportunity to get familiar with the topics covering Automotive-related issues such as:

– Artificial Intelligence and self-driving cars
– Agile in Automotive, Law aspects in Automotive
– Security in Automotive
– Dangers in Automotive
– Digital Audio Broadcasting
– Future of Automotive.

What is more, Globallogic had a chance to present its ongoing and finished commercial and R&D projects, including:

  • PSY-Drive – Car-brain interface
  • Human-Machine Interface automated testing for Automotive projects
  • Instrument Cluster
  • XEN hypervisor


IT in Automative Conference

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— Grzegorz Skorny,
Rector of Higher School of Technology and Economics in Szczecin

Provost of the Higher School of Technology and Economics, PhD in Mechanical Engineering and Machine Building. Specialist in Automotive history, technical solutions in modern cars and their future development. During the speech, we will also hear about the threats and opportunities of solutions designed for the vehicles, as well as possible threats to privacy protection related to data sharing (including the vehicle users and their route history).

— Remigiusz Machlański,
Consultant, Kugler Maag CIE

More than 15 years of Software R&D experience in IoT, Telecom, and Automotive areas.Process Manager, Project and Quality Manager, Information Security and Export controls expert and manager. He describes himself as a “technology passionate, with natural ability to translate complex systems into effective and beautifully simple solutions, that people understand and follow.”

— Wolfgang Neuhaus,
Co-founder and member of the board, itemis AG

Co-founder and member of the board of itemis AG. He also represents itemis AG in the Board of directors of the Eclipse Foundation. Wolfgang earned a degree in Computer Science from the University of Dortmund in 1995. He is a well-known journal-published writer, an IT conference speaker, and is responsible for the technical vision.

— Piotr R. Frankowski,
Automotive Journalist

One of the most well-known Polish car journalist, whose articles appear in over a dozen countries around the world. Piotr will present his views on the growing share of software in the development of modern cars and will bring us closer with the history of work on autonomous vehicles, not only civil but also military, and express his views on the dangers of the proliferation of electronic solutions instead of earlier mechanical ones.

— Kamil Przewoski,
Team Leader of homologation engineers, IDIADA

Graduate from the Poznan University of Technology. For more than 15 years he has been involved in homologation of vehicles, for 11 years – working for the company Applus IDIADA. Now he is responsible for the Polish and Turkish team of homologation engineers of IDIADA. Author of series of articles about homologation. He also runs training and homologation seminars.

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We would like to invite you all to our event on 24th of April, registration will be opened since 8:45 a.m. Our speakers and presentations will take place from 9:15 till 16:00, in the meantime we will treat you with coffee and lunch, but most of all extremely interesting lectures in Automotive topics.
Full agenda will be revealed soon!


Mieczyslaw Karlowicz Philharmonic in Szczecin
Ul. Malopolska 48
70- 515 Szczecin


Registration is required. You can sign up on the platform evenea.pl:


In case of any question, please contact organizators: it-in-automotive@globallogic.com

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