Anita Szpila, Head of Talent Acquisition Group in Poland and Croatia, participated in the first Global Talent Acquisition Group Summit, organized in India. During her business trip to DC in Noida, Anita participated in workshops and knowledge-sharing sessions, as well got familiar with local culture and customs.

Agnieszka Boguta from the Marketing Team had a chance to speak with Anita and ask her about the main topics which were covered during the Summit, as well as development plans in the area of TAG and overall impressions from her stay in India. Read the full interview below:


Hi Anita. You have recently participated in a special Talent Acquisition Group event organized at GlobalLogic India. What was the purpose of your trip?

Recently, I took part in the first Global Talent Acquisition Group Summit in India. The event was a great occasion for networking and establishing collaboration between Talent Acquisition Leaders and HR / L&D members from particular countries. During the Summit, we had a chance to participate in many workshops and knowledge-sharing sessions, as well as to get to know local culture, customs and cuisine.

What were the main topics during the Summit?

We discussed such topics as global mobility and relocation, processes automation and further improvements in the field of academies & education. We also focused on defining global mobility program and improving reporting and communication channels between the regions. The results of our work will be announced and introduced this year.

Thanks to these initiatives and projects that will be implemented throughout this year, our current and future employees will get an access to internal job platform where they can get exposure and apply for regional and international internal opportunities. This will give them more opportunities to grow, learn and gain new skills.

What are your overall impressions from the Global Talent Acquisition Group Summit? Do you plan the next meetings in the next few months?

It was a great opportunity to get together and meet each other face to face. Before our Talent Acquisition Group Summit, we gathered over 20 topics and areas for improvement to be discussed during our meeting. There were three major topics that we selected and during the next months we want to focus on:

  • Talent Acquisition Group Automation
  • Rotations/Internal Mobility
  • Training Academy.

Dedicated cross-countries working groups were created for each of the topics, including group leader and contributors. Every team built their thought process around 3 key points: where we are (current state), where we want to be (desired state) and what are the main challenges. Everyone got the possibility to share their best practices, raise the concerns and get cross-cultural view on these topics.
For Poland and Croatia, I will be in charge of piloting the Rotations/Internal Mobility project that will be implemented in June this year. Based on our feedback this process will be launched across all other regions this year. 

The event took place in our office in Noida. Tell us, what did you like most about the country and the office itself?

This was my first visit in India and I spent 4 days there. I definitely would like to go back to this country one day and discover more beautiful places that India offers! I was amazed by the landscape, incredible Indian hospitality and of course cuisine!  I’m the happiest when I have new food to try, ideally curry, ideally in large quantities. During our short trip we also had a chance to see a bit of New Delhi and Taj Mahal over the weekend.

As a part of the Global TAG Summit, we visited the office in Noida, where we met with Noida Delivery Center Head, who gave us a good overview of GlobalLogic in India and Noida and talked in detail about future business goals. Our delivery center in Noida has more than 2000 people on board, while the whole team in India consists of almost 7000 engineers, testers & back office employees.

Another part of the Summit was the office tour, during which we learned about new projects and ideas on which developers are working on and testing for our clients. What shocked me positively, was work appreciation that you could see walking around the office and many kudos cards and stickers.
Overall, my stay in India was a great time. This Talent Acquisition Group Summit helped me and my team to socialize on a personal and professional level and I am sure it will pay back in global projects and initiatives and we can run and work on together. I am looking forward to the next Global TAG Summits in the future!

Thank you for your time, Anita! We are looking forward to hearing more about Talent Acquisition Group news soon!