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Guidance Framework for Selecting a Mobile Application Development Platform

Join us for this session on June 17th, where we will discuss how to select the right mobile development platform for your product needs.

Understand and Reduce Security Risk With Threat Modeling

Join this webinar to learn why threat modeling is important and how it can help in understanding and reducing security threats.

Digital Pharma Innovation Week

Access strategies and best practices used by marketing and commercial teams at big pharma and biotech companies.

 Devops app modernization

DevOps Acceleration Using App Modernization Approach for Azure

In this Cafe session, hosted by GlobalLogic and Microsoft, we share an overview of modern application development and the benefits it provides.

 Gl cafe assets

Enterprise Grade Multi-Screen QA Automation Using Katalon Framework

In this GlobalLogic Cafe Session, we explore how organizations can use Katalon & build an end-to-end multi-screen, enterprise-grade QA automation framework.

 Gl cafe assets

Consumer Analytics — Metrics for Success on OTT Platforms

In this GlobalLogic Café Session, our experts talked about: Consumer Analytics — Metrics for Success on OTT Platforms.

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