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How AI is Transforming Insurance

By Kapil Marwah

AI and MLDigital TransformationFinancial ServicesTechnology

Explore the practical uses, challenges, and opportunities of AI in insurance. Learn how technological advancements are transforming the industry.

 White Paper

Next-Gen Blend of Retail & Online Shopping

By Vashu Raghav, Software Engineer
Muhammad Hamzah, Senior Software Engineer

AI and MLDigital TransformationConsumer and Retail

The next generation of retail will be a hybrid online and real-world experience. Is your brand ready? Learn more about an innovative AI-powered solution.

 White Paper

COVID-19 – Threats and Opportunities for the Insurance Industry

By Priyanka Chaturvedi

Digital TransformationFinancial Services

Learn about the impact of COVID-19 on the insurance value chain and how technology is digitalizing insurance processes.

 White Paper

AR/VR Development Landscape

By Chandrama Prasad, Nilima Nikam, Yougansh Thakur, Basilio D’souza, and Ninad Pandey

Augmented Virtual RealityExperience DesignIoTMobilitySecurityTesting and QAAutomotiveCommunicationsConsumer and RetailHealthcareManufacturing and IndustrialMediaTechnology

The Coronavirus pandemic and work from home life have ushered in new applications for AR and VR. Learn how it’s used today and what’s on the development horizon.


Mastering the Three Fundamentals of Omni-CX

By Zaheer Gilani

Experience DesignCommunicationsConsumer and RetailFinancial ServicesHealthcareMediaTechnology

GlobalLogic's CX Value Chain Assessment is designed to help clients take a customer-centric and pragmatic approach to understanding their organisation’s ability to effectively sense (predict) and respond (proactive, personalised) to their omni customers with branded goods, services, and product experiences.


The Changing Face of the Customer

By Zaheer Gilani

Experience DesignTechnology

The CX ecosystem will continue to evolve and the boundaries between online and offline worlds will continue to blur.

 Will the digital evolution bring a business revolution to insurance White Paper

Will the Digital Evolution bring a Business Revolution?

By Avneet Kochhar, Harsh Gupta

AI and MLDigital TransformationInsightsPerspectiveFinancial ServicesTechnology

Explore the impacts of digitization on the insurance industry and the potential impacts of digital transformation and insurtech on various stakeholders.

 Confidential computing White Paper

Confidential Computing: Third Pillar of Data Encryption

By Vikas Mangla

CloudFinancial ServicesHealthcare

Explore how confidential computing works, specific use cases in business, and how the Confidential Computing Consortium is moving the technology forward.

 Simplifying and reshaping api White Paper

Simplifying and Reshaping API Testing using the Postman platform – View from the trenches

By Sudhanshu Gupta

Testing and QATechnology

Learn how Postman and its CI/CD helper Newman are used as an API testing platform in this technical whitepaper.

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