CES 2020

Visit us in Booth 11754 (LVCC Central Hall)

Join GlobalLogic in the LVCC Central Hall (#Booth 11754) as we explore how digital platforms are transforming how users engage with your products — and the world. Whether you’re developing an autonomous vehicle system or an interactive OTT app, come learn how GlobalLogic can help you embrace digital native technologies and transform your traditional software products to a digital platform business model. You can also get a discounted pass to CES by registering here with our code DS003371.

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What We’ll Be Showing


Autonomous & Infotainment Solutions for Automotive
  • Recognize and monitor a driver’s face to enhance a vehicle’s security and personalization
  • Use Augmented Reality to identify areas of repair within a vehicle
  • Display infotainment content on a vehicle’s windows
  • Simultaneously run infotainment and operational software on a single HMI display
  • Leverage Edge Computing and V2X to create a truly “smart city”
  • Launch  embedded automotive projects faster using GlobalLogic’s “Phoenix” solution accelerator


MedTech Solutions for Health & Life Sciences
  • Use Augmented Reality to for faster, more efficient patient diagnostics
  • Provide patients with a simple app to track their healing or manage their pain
  • Better engage patients during clinical trials
  • Leverage telemedicine solutions to improve collaboration between paramedics and emergency medical staff
  • Provide nurses with a simple, streamlined solution for collecting patient information


OTT Solutions for Media & Entertainment
  • Design and develop engaging apps on OTT platforms like Roku
  • Develop customized video players with smart navigation
  • Create intelligent metadata and search inside content
  • Provide viewers with DVR options on any device/platform
  • Monetize content through ad platforms
  • Generate meaningful insights through data analytics solutions


Consumer Solutions for Retail & Commerce
  • Develop Agile commerce platforms for anywhere, anytime shopping
  • Engage with customers through mobile apps with personalization/loyalty features
  • Develop digital solutions to enhance the in-store experience
  • Optimize store operations and streamline supply chain operations
  • Gain customer insights through data analytics solutions

>> Schedule a meeting with one of our technology specialists <<
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