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Embedded World 2023
March 14 - 16, 2023

Embedded World 2023

GlobalLogic is proud to sponsor Embedded World 2023. We look forward to talking about all things embedded, face to face.

  • Let’s talk embedded. A variety of technological challenges shape the modern design concepts of complex embedded systems.
  • Let’s talk responsibility. Evermore embedded systems are being used in function-critical applications. Questions around responsibility in design, verification methods and ethical issues must be answered. 
  • Let’s talk sustainability. Embedded systems are central, basic elements for efficient and sustainable applications, and the systems themselves must be sustainable over their entire life cycle.

GlobalLogic’s digital engineering improves customer engagement, creates new revenue streams and helps to bring good to society. Find out how we’re delivering these outcomes through embedded software solutions, across a range of industries and how we can support enterprises like you as you do the same.

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