The Future of AI and the Network

Sameer Tikoo, SVP and GM Communications Services Business, GlobalLogic, in a conversation with TechArena’s host Allyson Klein, talks about the Future of AI and the Network, reprising the MWC ’24 conversations. As the telecommunications industry advances towards and beyond the 5G era, the collaboration between GlobalLogic and Hitachi’s OTs signifies a strategic move toward addressing emerging tech challenges. Leveraging GlobalLogic’s foundational expertise in data science, and machine learning (before the advent of  AI) alongside Hitachi’s robust platforms, aims to propel telco ecosystems forward.

Sameer Tikoo talks about how GlobalLogic, through its AI Studio of Excellence, is at the forefront, offering innovative tools, services, and digital accelerators tailored for telco customers. GlobalLogic aims to bridge tech gaps in telco ecosystems by harnessing data lakes and connecting disparate data points.

GlobalLogic’s focus on developing AI-first products signals a paradigm shift towards a native-AI Telco landscape. From prototype development last year to shaping tangible products this year, we are committed to pioneering AI-driven solutions that redefine the telco landscape, setting new standards for efficiency and customer experience in the industry.

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