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Patterns of Collaboration for Collocated Teams

Shrikant Vashishtha
October 13, 2014

After working with many Agile projects, I realized that collaboration goes beyond simply working together

How to Run 1200 km with a Liter of Gasoline

Sergiy Podnos
July 30, 2014

My automobile hobby naturally started with the purchase of my first car (a Renault 19), which also coincided with the beginning of my IT career

The Innovation Race: Startups vs. Corporations

Yuriy Koziy
June 11, 2014

Business success is a temporary thing: competition urges companies to be effective and innovative in order to keep their market edge

Engineering Great Products & Customer Experience: Trends & Strategies 2014

Dr. Jim Walsh
May 2, 2014

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of moderating a stellar panel as part of an evening co-hosted by GlobalLogic and the Churchill Club, “Engineering Great Products…

Agile Thinking: Stop Starting, Start Finishing

Shrikant Vashishtha
April 23, 2014

Limiting “Work in Process” (WIP) items is one of the key ideas behind Kanban and Lean approaches to developing software.