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Is Your Product Strategy “Digital” Enough? (Part 2)

Patrick Newbery
April 9, 2019

Now that we understand the symptoms that arise while implementing product strategies that aren’t “digital” enough, let’s discuss how to alleviate them by strengthening your product strategy.

Is Your Product Strategy “Digital” Enough? (Part 1)

Patrick Newbery
April 6, 2019

The way software is approached, what it can do, and the process and resources needed continue to evolve. A product strategy is sufficiently “digital” if it understands these…

Is Kanzi Really Transforming UI Design?

Valentina Pozzebon
February 20, 2019

We take a deep-dive review of Rightware’s Kanzi Studio, an increasingly popular tool for automotive UI design and development.

Thinking About Design Thinking

Patrick Newbery
February 13, 2019

Learn how thinking like a designer can be an effective tool for solving problems, regardless of your role or business.

It’s Not About the Features

Dr. Jim Walsh
November 7, 2018

According to GlobalLogic’s CTO, Dr. Jim Walsh, Tesla vehicles are the epitome of platform-based systems, which prioritize the ability to change and adapt on a continuous basis.

AI is the Future of Media

Yuriy Mykhaylyuk
October 16, 2018

From video content analysis tools to video recommendation engines, AI has already made an impact on the media industry — and it’s only going to keep evolving.