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Enterprise Social Networking is NOT Social Networking

Deepak Gupta
September 10, 2018

Our VP of Technology shares how he first launched GlobalLogic’s enterprise social networking platform five years ago, and how it is benefitting the company now.

Predictive Hiring (Or How to Make an Offer Twice as Fast)

Ievgen Palamarchuk
August 10, 2018

By using a predictive hiring approach instead of a traditional approach, GlobalLogic Ukraine has been able improve the hiring process for both our engineers and our customers.

Platforms: A Business Model for Strategic Growth

Anna Kvitka
June 9, 2018

Learn how platforms connect suppliers and consumers and why it is more important than ever for all businesses, regardless of their industry, to invest in platforms from a…

12 Secrets of Digital Transformation: Part 12

Dr. Jim Walsh
April 11, 2018

Secret #12: Plan for Success. It may seem unimaginable to pull off truly disruptive change that transforms your company or your entire industry, but you must commit fully…

12 Secrets of Digital Transformation: Part 11

Dr. Jim Walsh
April 10, 2018

Secret #11: There is more time than you think to finish — but less time than you think to start. We often begin a transformation project in response…

12 Secrets of Digital Transformation: Part 10

Dr. Jim Walsh
April 5, 2018

Backing off is sometimes necessary to accomplish your transformation agenda. Here are some signs that those around you are exhausted and need a break.