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Digital Transformation: Shaping a Solutioning Mindset

Ajit Singh
January 12, 2017

GlobalLogic's AVP of Engineering provides insights on how digital transformation is changing the software engineering market and what service providers need to do to adapt to this evolving…

The Smart Home Finally Comes Home

Vitalii Vashchuk
December 29, 2016

From wearables to 3d printers, consumers today have an incredible array of cool gadgets. But not all of these technologies make a mainstream impact on our day-to-day life.

Innovating from the Inside Out

Yuriy Landgraf
December 1, 2016

Over a period of 12 weeks, thirty-eight teams from around our global offices worked on original proofs-of-concept, from apps that addressed internal pain points to products that integrated…

Filmmaking: a project management case study for software development

Manoj Agrawal
November 30, 2016

Senior Engineering Consultant Manoj Agrawal talks about his journey with filmmaking -- from technology to processes -- from a developer's perspective.

Why Does a Service Company Make Its Own Product?

Roman Cherednik
November 18, 2016

Roman Cherednyk (Senior Engineering Manager) talks about how -- and why -- his GlobalLogic team decided to develop its own third-party product for long-time customer Avid.

GlobalLogic Helps Save Lives

Dr. Jim Walsh
November 15, 2016

In GlobalLogic marketing literature we claim that GlobalLogic helps save lives. The good news is that there is truth in our advertising.