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Thinking Digital: A New Way of Thinking About Digital Transformation

November 1, 2016

Digital transformation: everybody’s talking about it, but few agree on what it means. Is it traditional brick-and-mortar businesses and industries learning how to do business on the web? Is it innovating digitally first, developing products and services for a new generation that expects to be met wherever they are, on any device? Is it both of those things, or even more? The fact is that it takes working with digital transformation for some time in order to really understand it. Once you have, you can say that you’re “thinking digital.”

A number of market forces are making it necessary for business of all sizes to think about digital transformation. They’re having to re-evaluate everything from strategy to business models, taking into account customer engagement, product relevance, and brand differentiation. Integrating these concerns is essential for thinking digital, and requires a holistic framework for continuous insight and delivery.

Experience Design + Experience Technology

Experience design helps define part of such a framework. One of the cornerstones of thinking digital is customer centricity: what are your customers doing at each stage of their journey through an experience? Equally important are the myriad channels through which a customer now encounters your experience: from handheld devices to wearables, the number of touch points has exploded.

Rapidly evolving experience technologies enable your experiences and form an equally important part of your digital transformation framework From big data technologies to advanced analytics and machine learning, companies have never had such powerful tools at their disposal to create highly branded, differentiated experiences. Powerful new insight techniques—including ethnography and open innovation—help advance these technologies into novel and engaging applications. And new product development models, including Minimum Viable Product (MVP), enable rapid iteration of products and experiences, which can now be customized on the fly.

Extensive experience with digital transformation has shown that thinking digital finally takes hold when experience design and experience technologies align to create competitive value. In this new way of working, companies understand a customer’s need, create a new or improved experience that meets the need, and eliminate friction along the way.

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