30Hacks: The GlobalLogic 30 hour nonstop Hackathon flagged its 3rd version on 23rd and 24th January in Nagpur this time.

The Hackathon is an initiative thought out by the internal and enterprising ‘Innovation Seeding Group’ at GlobalLogic.

The idea of this 30 hour Hackathon is to allow uninterrupted ideas, development, design and collaboration. The idea of the Hackathon was that participants gauge a problem or need and develop a solution for it within the given 30 hours. At Nagpur participants came up with 40 problem statements out of which the top 20 were shortlisted and amended by the technical panel. 30Hacks opens up opportunities for all those who have ground breaking ideas and posses a killer instinct.

Date: January 23-24, 2015

Location: GlobalLogic Nagpur