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New: Epic Subtask Issue Viewer App

By GlobalLogic Marketing


The GlobalLogic team is pleased to announce the development of a new Atlassian Marketplace app called "Epic Subtask Issue Viewer." In this article, we will introduce some of the main features of the Epic Subtask Issue Viewer app, which was developed by our developers with love and care for JIRA users.

 Approach to Implement Media Automation Testing White Paper

Approach to Implement Media Automation Testing

By Nilesh Kumar

Digital TransformationOTTTesting and QAMedia

Learn how to automate media testing across IPTV and OTT platforms with tool recommendations and a suggested process from automation testing expert Nilesh Kumar.

 White Paper

In-App Promotions, Introductory Offers & Promotions

By Apoorv Garg


Learn how to use in-app promotions including introductory and promotional offers, with tips on campaign duration, offer type, testing, and more.

 White Paper

Impact of Augmented and Virtual Reality on Retail and ECommerce Industry

By Samta Arora

Augmented Virtual RealityIoTPerspectiveConsumer and Retail

2020 was a transformational year for shoppers and businesses who serve them. See how augmented reality is being used in e-commerce and retail today.

 White Paper

Digital Marketplace for Content

By Shubham Chaudhary

Digital TransformationTechnology

Learn how the most popular digital marketplaces use content to create exceptional experiences and drive revenue.

 White Paper

A Swift Ladder to Cloud

By Surbhi Nijhara

CloudConsumer and RetailFinancial ServicesHealthcareMediaTechnology

Cloud platform owners are providing the technology industry with various cloud platform solutions and specific migration guides. With decently structured recommendations, business organizations can begin to strategize the migration of their product workloads. How then is this paper different from already existing guidelines published by various cloud vendors? This paper is intended as a cheat … Continue reading Insights


GlobalLogic Cafe: Understand and Reduce Security Risk With Threat Modeling

By GlobalLogic


Learn about the threat modeling process, as well as which tools and models can be used to discover potential security threats.

 White Paper

Localization Process Automation Tool (LPAT)

By Muhammad Hamzah

AgileArchitectureDigital TransformationMicroservicesProject ManagementAutomotiveCommunicationsConsumer and RetailFinancial ServicesHealthcareManufacturing and IndustrialMediaTechnology

See how pre-translation and post-translation tools can help automate the process of localization, saving project managers time and resources.

 White Paper

Real-time Premium Calculation

By Ashutosh Gupta

ArchitectureDigital TransformationIoTFinancial ServicesHealthcare

Learn how insurer solutions incorporating IoMT devices can help inform more accurate, real-time health insurance premium calculations.

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